Society Leaves Trans People Behind

by Dorian Grayson

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.11.59 PM
My lesson for cis people is this: Trans is short for transgender. Not transsexual, not tranny. Those are slurs. Do not say them. The phrase “binary trans” is used within the article… read more



Steve Bannon’s dark days of war against secularism

by Dorian Grayson

Trump Protest
Steve Bannon is President Trump’s Chief Strategist and is on the National Security Council. He is not the secretary of state or defense, nor is he a top-ranking military or intelligence advisor… read more

Oregon’s birthday celebration omits native origins

by Eli Kerry

Trump administration orders financial deregulations
by Jessica Weiss

The trembling Asia-Pacific

by Jessica Weiss

The global rise of populism

by Jesse Sanchez



Archaeologist Nick Card to unearth mysteries

by Madelyn Jones

Perspectives on African ceramics
Archaeologist Nick Card is coming to campus on Feb. 21 to discuss the 5,000-year-old Scottish Neolithic temple complex he discovered with his team, called the Ness of Brodgar. His presentation… read more

Why I don’t give a care about Kim K: It’s time to name names

by Ariadne Wolf

Let’s go see Lego Batman

by Caitlin Forbes

Chicken, tea and you fighting against the flu

by Zachary Wolf

Karting over the language barrier

by Dorian Grayson



Men’s and women’s tennis teams begin their preseason

by Louis Knox

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.40.00 PM
In their first exhibition of the season, the men’s team travelled down to Eugene, Oregon to compete against the University of Oregon’s club team. Despite the overall 9-0 loss for the Bearcats… read more

Intramurals Weekly

by Rachel Fischer

Knicking yourself

by Alex Gordon

Swim teams break records at Federal Way

by Eric Del Prado

Terrell Owens, the Hall of Fame and old white men

by Kellen Bulger

This Week in Sports

by Aaron Oda



Trump’s America perpetuates racism in national politics

by Jessica Weiss

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.47.11 PM
In a legal victory halting the president’s executive order, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided to maintain an injunction against Trump’s travel ban. In doing so, they introduced the president… read more

Let’s talk about (your) racism

by Neha Malik

Step up step back: Fighting oppression is a mutual endeavor

by Ariadne Wolf

Oregon’s responsibility to protect marginalized people

by Madelyn Jones

White feminists need to check ourselves

by By Jackie Mckenna


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The Red Onion: Willamette to set up safe space for those…

by By Mason Kelliher

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