Willamette University: more transparency needed

by the Willamette Community

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In this issue, the community responds to administrative decisions that have led to tremendous disillusionment, anger and resentment. The sudden dismantling of Zena Farms shows the lack of care for… read more



Joint faculty letter

by WU Faculty

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The undersigned applaud the message published in the Collegian by Shamir Cervantes and supported by Bill Duvall. We stand with them… read more

ASWU presses on after Cervantes resignation

by Gia Anguiano

Cynthia Stinson’s position dissolved

by Gianni Marabella

113 Academy students invited to stay

by Katie Lively

Bishop: 93 percent of students feel overwhelmed

by Ryan Gail

Artist ties creativity and family

by Katie Lively



Senior art majors display their masterpieces at Hallie Ford

by McCall Concannon

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The Senior Art Majors Exhibition debuts every spring as a culmination of all their artistic experiences and a final statement of their four years of studies… read more

Spring is already feeling like summer so let’s groove

by Ian Rosenzweig

Sister Outsider educates on empowerment and “otherness”

by Sarah Haghi

Roomies are life

by Christine Smith

Style Crush: Caroline McCann

by Nebraska Lucas



Valerie Cleary looks back at a successful first year

by Gordie Clary

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The pressures of walking into a new job, in an entirely new space, seeing only unfamiliar faces around can be overwhelming. This is what Athletics Director Valerie Cleary felt one year ago… read more

Bearcat Spotlight: Gordie Clary

by Mark Andreoni

Willamette picks up multiple medals at NWC Championships

by Eric Spresser

First round in review

by Alex Gordon

Sports Briefs

by Braydon Calder



ASWU president resigns in protest

by Jesse Sanchez

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After a tumultuous year of heightened tensions, let’s take a moment to check in. A year ago, I and a small group of students organized a rally before a faculty meeting about how to recruit faculty… read more

Thank you for being my teacher, Mom

by Aubryn Walters

Millennial narcissists rule

by Jeremy Hansen

Good faith, bad faith: Forgetting their mission

by Joseph Good

Editorial: Goodbye and thanks for all the crisis