The Aloha Settler-State of Hawaii

by Carol Li

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“If you drew on a white shirt, was $2, put an ‘Aloha’ on it, oh my God, the value goes up,” says Ka’eokulani D. Vasconcellos, an American Studies teacher at Punahou School. Originally from kānaka maoli, “aloha” is molded and utilized for… read more



Bridging over lead-filled water

by Dorian Grayson

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On Aug 15, the Oregon Board of Education codified Oregon Administrative Rule 581-022-2223, which required all public schools to keep what is being called the “Healthy and Safe Schools Plan”… read more

Emilio Solano ‘09 takes on the role of Willamette Academy Director

by Gianni Marabella

Tribes unite against pipeline

by Ariadne Wolf

Open letter on Willamette Academy

by Ellen Eisenberg & Kelley Strawn



Native poet Trevino Brings Plenty offers insights

by Ariadne Wolf

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Native American poet Trevino L. Brings Plenty used his trademark humor and incisive insights in the poetry he presented from his collection of poetry, “Wakpa Wanagi, Ghost River” in the Hatfield Library on Sept. 15 to Willamette students and faculty… read more

Stranger things: Those moments with that one person

by Nic Shipley

Bearcat Bullet

by Christine Smith

Mad Decent Block Party 2016: Was it decent?

by Aaron Wiesenfeld

Duo turned a summer of research into an enlightened performance

by Natasha Zedan

Humans of Willamette



Roads to the NBA Hall of Fame

by Alex Gordon

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Hall of Fame classes in basketball are generally quirky. Usually it’s a smattering of “contributors” you’ve rarely ever heard of. This year was a rare exception, however, with four players being inducted into the Hall of Fame that left a significant impact on the game of basketball… read more

Bearcat Spotlight: Morgan Webster

by Dani Saunders

What’s up with the “We”?

by Eric Del Prado

NFL players show their patriotism

by Louis Knox

Sports Briefs

by Sydney Wilson

This Week in Sports

by Aaron Oda



Cultural appropriation: #notyourspiritanimal

by Ariadne Wolf

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A man in one of my classes asked me whether I changed my last name to ‘Wolf’ because wolves are my spirit animals. This is my open letter to him, and every other white person who thinks using terms, ideas and symbols appropriated from other cultures is acceptable behavior… read more

Recalling the efforts of student activists

by Jesse Sanchez

Please stop insulting your fellow humans

by Jonah Miller

NCAA cracks down on N.C.

by Jeremy Hansen

Trump exploits Clinton’s untimely illness for political gain

by Madison Brown