by Emily Wood

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No phone, no wallet, no keys. Please wear a bra, but not one with underwire in it. Sweatpants are fine, but try not to wear any with PINK written across the ass… read more



You can’t touch this – but campo can

by Dorian Grayson

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On Oct. 7, junior Michael Chen and senior Kees McGahan held a rave in the basement of Walton Hall which was quickly shut down by Campus Security. At one point, Campus Security blocked the exits… read more

An open letter from WEMS exec

by Willamette Emergency Medical Services Executive Board

Monica Rimai attends ASWU

by Gianni Marabella

University celebrates sustainability on campus

by Iris Dowd



Jessi Campbell – even better than the soup

by Nic Shipley

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Smith Auditorium was graced with the comedy of Jesse Campbell on saturday night as a part of Family Weekend. Campbell focused primarily on low-brow topics… read more

Jojo’s back on the job

by Juliana Cohen

Ferguson and Dr. Clare talk environmentalism and more

by Eli Kerry

Meditation at Willamette

by Nic Shipley

Yes we Can…ada

by Nic Shipley

Humans of Willamette



Women’s soccer battles through the storm

by Eric Del Prado

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The women’s soccer team braved the typhoon conditions this last weekend as they tied a game against Linfield on Saturday and won against Pacific on Sunday. After the weekend… read more

Bearcat Spotlight: Trent Jones

by Andrea Risolo & Sydney Wilson

Bearcat volleyball falls short to the Boxers

by Jared Spohr

Goodbye “Big Papi”Ortiz

by Alex Gordon

Loss against Linfield not what Bearcat football anticipated

by Sydney Wilson

Sports Briefs

by Jared Spohr

This Week in Sports

by Aaron Oda



Kim K is not OK: Why the Oct. 3 robbery is not a joke

by Andrea Risolo & Aubryn Walters

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Despite what her social media and reality television show empire might lead her audience to believe, Kim Kardashian-West is a mere mortal… read more

Being a woman and having a body: Size feeds sexism

by Anonymous

Bud Pierce believes only impoverished women are victimized

by Jacqueline Mckenna

Not above the fray: Trump’s sexism is our sexism too

by Jeremy Hansen