30 protest at faculty meeting
   by Emily Hoard

Outdoor relaxation for the spring season
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Major charms: How to find your patronus
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The way college should be
by Bronte Dod

Stout: Blue lights report 0 calls
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Bearcat Bullet: Mafia matriarchy
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Bookstore lost over $500k since 2009
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Oh, brother
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Should artists preserve, create or imitate?
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2 ASWU senators call for more cameras on campus
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The Islamic State isn’t our problem
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Basketball playoff run cut short
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Duo THEESatisfaction makes stellar moves
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Men’s golf wins team title at Willamette Cup
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Letter to the editor
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These authors feel your pain
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Blood—not always thicker than water
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Women’s golf team takes second at Willamette Cup
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