When the friend zone is dangerous
   by Marjorie Meeks

Sex, alcohol and Opening Days
   by Alyssa Milstead

True North: Close to home

Ruck and roll: Men’s rugby
   by Jarrett Oseran

How to lose a professor in 10 days (or less)    by Edna Htet

I am NOT your mom
   by Kate Piluso

Recruit responsibly

We have power; we’re just not using it
   by Colleen Smyth

Bearcat Bullet: Ello? Just say goodbye
   by Juliana Cohen

Volleyball splits conference matches against Puget Sound, George Fox
   by Kaitlen McPherson

Bearcats seek fan support at 40th XC invitational
   by Blake Lepire

Salem Earth Fair inspires global citizens
   by Christine Smith

Paths less traveled
   by Kellie Standish and Annette Marinello

Guest poet’s work recalls violence of assimilation
   by Chris Ketchum

‘Tyranny’ gets down and dirty
   by Teddy Wu

‘Tusk’ takes body modification to task
   by Juliana Cohen

Fourth sorority works to reorganize
   by Bronte Dod

Who run the world?
   by Margaret Woodcox

Derek Jeter is no God
   by Max Craddock

Rubens will remain
   by Emily Hoard

Can you define conservative?
   by Zack Boyden

Oh Willamette, you poetic land mermaid
   by Rebecca Hayes

ASWU senators elect 2014-2015 class whips
   by Emily Hoard

NW5C: Scholastic collaboration
   by Katie Dobbs