Kate Brown takes office
   by Colleen Smyth

Campus Safety: Car break-in spree over
   by Rachael Decker

Basketball advances to NWC tournament
   by Evan Giddings

Divestment plan would leave fossil fuels extinct
        by Holly Petersen

What campus location are you?
by Malorie Hill

Bearcat Bullet: Worn-out questions
   by Juliana Cohen

Why the outdoors will always be my valentine
        by Kellie Standish

Giving, when it doesn’t hurt

50 shades of dismay
   by Elize Manoukian

2 fraternities approved for housing on campus
        by Bronte Dod

Joey Bada$$: Still young, hungry
   by Will Falvey

Judicial aims to settle inter-club conflicts
        by Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale and Emily Hoard

Hot for teacher
   by Aviva Einhorn

Women’s basketball achieves most wins in 5 years
        by Blake Lepire

Don’t call me a townie
   by Kellen Friedrich

I’m majoring in tears
   by Kate Piluso

Dean wants input on Montag redesign
   by Emily Hoard

Making an entrance: top MLB walk-ups
   by Gordie Clary

Letter to the editor
   by Emily Irwin

A whole ‘nother ball game
   by Erik Strandoo

Vintage photos capture Salem’s past
   by Ross Kovac

Little League, big disappointment
   by Holly Petersen

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
   by Zack Boyden

JSU defends budget
   by Katie Dobbs

Softball drops 6 games on California trip
   by Max Craddock

When selling by sex, don’t be a Bic
   by Marjorie Meeks