Issue 17



The point of tattoos: taking on time, stigma and gender

by Ryleigh Norgrove & Madelyn Jones

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.11.59 PM
In American culture, tattoos have been a symbol of class, character and values. As millennials enter the workforce, the attitude about tattoos has shifted from one of general distaste to a social normality. Most if not all people… read more



Sustainability conference inspires students

by Natalie Roadarmel

This past week, eighteen Willamette students had the opportunity to attend a regional sustainability conference in Portland. WOHESC (Washingtion Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference) is a conference dedicated to… read more

Eating for liberation creates food for thought

by Heather Pearson

ASWU discusses new Bishop plan
by Claire Matthews-Lingen




The fork in the road: self-care versus self-indulgence

by Julia Di Simone

If you get your mental health advice from Tumblr, you might think that the best way to take care of yourself is to curl up into a burrito of blankets and watch Netflix for as long as your heart desires. I understand this sentiment, but… read more

Dimensions of popular Valentine’s Day sweet

by Jarod Todeschi

Grant yourself an opportunity of further education

by Raquel Reynolds

Volunteer with Peace Corps, make a difference

by Sara Fullerton

Here’s how the military influences your blockbusters

by Dorian Grayson




Willamette Baseball team goes 2-2 in Grand Prairie, Texas

by Jarin Kobashigawa

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.40.00 PM
Over the weekend the Willamette Baseball team traveled to Grand Prairie, Texas. On Friday, at AirHogs Stadium, the Bearcats lost to both Texas Lutheran and LeTourneau by one run. Matt Steindorf, a junior from Granite Bay, California was… read more

Is this the year Cleveland won’t be able to turn it on?

by Alexander Gordon

Men’s and Women’s Basketball honor their seniors

by Jarod Spohr

This week in sports

by Aaron Oda

Intramurals weekly

by Dru Draper

Bearcats Swim at the Northwest Conference Championships

by Dani Saunders




The dark side of tech adventures

by Quinlyn Manfull

When the United States decided to stop funding the Space Program, I was devastated. I thought going to Mars and hanging out in space would be really, really cool. I thought it…read more

Reckless spending is silencing

by Conner Wickland

Start loving Valentine’s Day candy

by Sophia Goodwin-Rice

Changing mental health dialogue

by Sophie Smith



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