Issue 13



On the money: budget in a nutshell

by Caitlin Forbes

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.11.59 PM
The spirit of Willamette’s campus is undeniably tense. There is a gap between students and the administration that looms with the absence of transparent communication. Students are fearful that we have been reduced to numbers on a spreadsheet, and feel like the administration… read more



Re-lighting of Star Trees begins holiday season

by Natalie Roadarmel

If you were to ask any student on campus, it is a given that they would be able to explain what the Star Trees are and where they are planted. The Star Trees have a commanding and important presence on campus, representing the history of the University as well as all that is to come. Although the Star Trees… read more

President Trump’s controversial travel ban resurfaces

by Gianni Marabella

North Korea continues nuclear testing

by William Gupton

ASWU report
by Claire Mathews-Lingen




Has Pocket Camp crossed into all our hearts?

by Jarod Todeschi

As I sat down and downloaded the new “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” game to my cell phone, I was not sure what to expect. Nintendo recently released this as its third mobile app game. Like its predecessors, “Super Mario Run” and “Fire Emblem Heroes,” “Pocket Camp” is based on one of the company’s successful console games from the early 2000’s. Animal Crossing was originally celebrated as… read more

Treat yourself to good sleep this finals season

by Sara Fullerton

Cards of cultural divide currently dealt in Magic

by Dorian Grayson

Coping with abusive friends

by Madelyn Jones

Does Bo & Vine Burger “beef” the rest?

by Emma Giron




Aqua-Bearcats compete in Oregon Senior Open

by Eric Del Prado

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.40.00 PM
This past weekend the men’s and women’s swim teams competed in the Oregon Senior Open at the Osborn Aquatic Center. This event was hosted by the Corvallis Aquatic Team. The team… read more

Willamette Basketball opens Northwest Conference Play

by Jarin Kobashigawa

Intramurals Weekly

by Dru Draper & Rachel Fischer

This week in sports

by Aaron Oda

When trolls collide: Trump vs. LaVar Ball

by Alexander Gordon




The business of politics

by Ryleigh Norgrove

Using politics to sell is nothing new, advertising by nature taps into the desires of a captive marketplace. As we enter the holiday season, politics continue to be at the forefront of mainstream media. We are becoming systemically partisan, to the point at which we vilify the opposing team and revere our own. This deepening divide…read more

Finding nuance in today’s partisan political climate

by Kellen Bulger

Republican resistance

by Quinlyn Manfull

Return of Net Neutrality debate

by Sophia Smith

Social brinkmanship breaking orbit

by Sean Weeks



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