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Anki webmaster, signing off
   by anki webmaster

Bike shelter planned, but cameras far off
   by Katie Dobbs

Lessons learnt publishing the Collegian

Beta Theta why
   by Westy Summerton

WU soundtrack 2 our lives
by Shannon Sollitt

Committee results: make more student committees
        by Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale

WHITEOUT: diversity outdoors
   by Kellie Standish

Kristen Grainger crosses State St
   by Emily Hoard

Bearcat Bullet: Salem summer survival guide
by Juliana Cohen

Sing badly if you must, but sing
   by Kate Piluso

30% vote in student senate elections
   by Christine Smith

Lifted spirits, downward dogs
   by Chris Ketchum

I believe in crystal skulls
   by Lyra Kuhn

Valerie Cleary steps into WU athletics
   by Holly Petersen

The candle sank, but hope floats
   by Colleen Smyth

The Shakes shimmer, ripple
   by Teddy Wu

WU: a study abroad destination
   by Paulina Ludwig

This week in sports
   by Blake Lepire

Should Oregon secede?
   by Zack Boyden

Track and field take third
   by Evan Giddings

He was homeless. Then he was gone.
   by Marjorie Meeks