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2019 ASWU Senate Election Candidates

Photos courtesy of ASWU Senate Election Candidates

Class of 2020

Simone Stewart: Hi, my name is Simone and I will be running again for ASWU senator of class 2020. As a person of color and first-generation college student, I understand the struggles that those like me at Willamette University face on campus. I have been extremely grateful to those who have taken on the job of advocating for people like me on campus, and now I would like the return to the honor of doing the same for you. I believe in transparency, effective communication, action and a willingness to listen to what others have to say! I hope to provide you with the best and most up-to-date information available, so that together we can make better decisions for the student body. I hope to encourage listening to those who are affected by current policies in place, as well as actions or inactions taken by the administration. I want those who feel they can not speak for themselves to know that I would be happy to be your voice. I understand the importance of feeling understood and protected in your community, so allow me to be your support. As your senator, I promise to make your feelings and needs be heard and met by the administration, and to make sure the past and current student activism is acknowledged and honored.

Kellen Bulger: If I am re-elected as a senator for the graduating class of 2020, I intend to continue listening to and finding creative solutions to issues on our campus. Over the course of the past year, I have started an initiative to curtail the sale of plastic water bottles on campus and I have contributed to the class of 2020’s sleep and wellness advocacy campaign during finals week of 2018. Moving forward, I plan to include more of the student body, and specifically the class of 2020, in on the priorities of ASWU. Whether this takes the form of asking students their opinions through public opinion polls or reaching out to existing student groups on campus — we as senators can only claim to represent the student body at Willamette if we make genuine efforts to reach out to you all, and I plan to do that if re-elected. We as a campus have lots of issues to face in the coming years, but through listening to the concerns of each other and working together, I believe we can find solutions to even the biggest issues our campus faces.

Colin Troeskan: I have served for five semesters on ASWU, each of them spent advocating for transparency and communication between the student body, ASWU and the University as a whole. I have spent most of my time in senate working on the Finance Board, where I have worked to implement equitable and transparent funding policies. In my last year at Willamette, I want to create change that will last after I graduate, primarily working on projects that advocate for sustainability on campus.

Class of 2021

Kaizen Betts-LaCroix: Hi folks, I’m Kaizen. I’m one of your incumbent ASWU senators and I serve on the school’s Multicultural Affairs Committee. It would be pretty nifty if you voted for me!

Aby Ocean Jaegar: Hello! I’m Aby Ocean Jaeger from Southern California and I hope to be reelected as a senator for the class of 2021! Over the last semester I have worked with class of 2021 caucus to explore the possibility of having reusable containers at Goudy for breakfast and lunch. Having such containers would reduce the carbon footprint of WU and encourage a mindset of sustainability. I hope as a continuing senator to continue these discussions with Bon Appétit and have them implemented in the near future. As a senator I have remained informed of discussions occurring across campus, such as STEAM and the common calendar. I have discussed such issues with other members of the class of ‘21 in order to ensure they are aware of issues and their voices are being heard. Last semester I was a member of the convocation class which taught me about the most effective way to communicate with WU students. As a senator, I want to use this skill to create a more open dialogue of how ASWU funding is distributed. Such communication is essential in order to ensure clubs are operating to their full potential. Please choose to vote for me, Aby Ocean Jaeger, to be your class of 2021 senator.

Class of 2022

Lilith Jewell: My name is Lilith Jewell, and I’m from Claremont, CA. I’d always wanted to participate in student government in high school but never had the chance. Now, I’ve been an ASWU senator for all of spring semester, and it’s been a great learning experience. As someone who’s looking into politics and intensely invested in democracy, I work hard to make sure all of our students’ voices are heard; this year that’s looked like coordinating with many different clubs that were confused or hurt by ASWU procedure. I have strong ties to Rainbow Alliance and WULA, and support STEAM’s efforts as well as the possibility of further reform to this institution.

Nia Lopez-Salmons: I am currently an intern for the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and I am running for ASWU re-election. I love being someone people can come to whether they need a friend or need information regarding changes by administration on campus. Being a first-year on ASWU was a little overwhelming because there was a lot I didn’t know about this campus, and college in general. Being a first-generation college student made this process very useful for me because not only was I able to be at the decision-making table, but I was able to advocate for people who were like me and didn’t know where to get all the information about everything happening here on campus. I’m pursuing a politics, policy, law and ethics degree with a women and genders minor because I’m hoping to continue creating transparency in politics and representation for minorities starting on our campus. I wish to furthermore, be a vessel of information for anyone regarding events or changes on campus. Vote for me, and I will do everything I can to be an open person in regards to any questions or worries you have about our campus.

Daniel Smith: Hi everyone, it’s me again! Over the past year, I have gotten quite involved in all sorts of things on campus. In addition to serving as one of your ASWU senators, I am on the RHA General Assembly, I work as an Outdoor Program trip leader, and I am the treasurer of the Poetry for Life Club. All of my commitments have helped me to learn a lot about campus and see what sorts of positive changes could be made to improve the experience of everyone at Willamette. Should I get reelected, I will work to help ensure that the senate truly represents students, that communication with and support for the student organizations ASWU funds is a priority, that projects seeking to reduce waste and promote sustainability on campus are seriously pursued and explored, and that ASWU supports other student groups making efforts to help our campus become a safer and more open and welcoming place for everyone. I ask you to vote in this election, as the decisions made by the ASWU Senate have a real impact on the entire campus, and it’s imperative that students have adequate representation in that decision-making process. Thank you for your consideration!

Grant Starr: Hello, everyone! My name is Grant Starr, and I hope to be able to serve y’all for another year as your ASWU senator. Over this last year, as both senator and student, I have faced some of the toughest challenges of my life, and also learned more about myself than I thought likely. That sounds super cheesy and everything, but trust me, it’s true! I know what it is like to struggle with mental illness and the rigors of school, and I know where both the strengths AND the gaps in our support systems are. I have learned more and more the importance of nuance and perspective, and how essential it is to truthfully connect and communicate with disparate communities without tokenizing or patronizing. As a senator, I have witnessed the inner workings of Willamette, and every day I improve my understanding of strategies to make legitimate, lasting change. I also know when to admit I’m wrong and when to ask for help. So that’s what I’m asking for. Help me make this campus better for all of us. Help me create a campus and a community true to our motto. Not unto ourselves alone are we born.

Katrina Miller: Through my involvement with ASWU and other organizations this year, I’ve worked to listen and learn about the concerns of the student body but especially our class, the rising sophomores. I am also still learning about the ways that my position with ASWU can allow me to advocate for our needs as a class. I hope to continue representing this community next year!

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