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A night of A Cappella and awareness

Isabella Lamb


Willamette University’s annual A Cappella Night, hosted by the Alpha Chi Omega fraternity, strives to raise money for the Center For Hope and Safety. This center, located in New Jersey and founded in 1976, is a non-profit agency that strives to “rebuild lives beyond domestic violence.” 

A Cappella is music that has no instrumental accompaniment and is created purely by voices. At Willamette, there are three student-run groups: Tandem, Headband and Up Top. Because Willamette’s A Cappella groups are no longer gendered, they are categorized by voice type. Tandem is an all voice group, Headband is a tenor-bass group and Up Top is an all-treble voice group. 

A Capella Night is an opportunity for these groups to perform for larger audiences as well as  to support the Center For Hope and Safety. The night will begin with the group members having dinner with Alpha Chi Omega members, after which they will head to the stage for a sound check. After that, the night will get started with a few speakers to introduce the purpose of the night and explain what will follow.

All three groups will be performing at this year’s A Cappella Night, accompanied by guest performances from all over Oregon: Oregon State University’s Powerchord and Divine, Portland State University’s Green Note, as well as University of Oregon’s Mind the Gap. Each group has prepared three pieces. According to Tandem president Evan Kohne (‘21), A Cappella Night involves “groups going on stage and singing their hearts out and audience members who are there to support the Center For Hope and Safety, and are looking to have a really fun night.”

Kohne believes that A Cappella Night is a great way to meet more people through the A Cappella community. Often, A Cappella group members are able to meet and collaborate with Alpha Chi Omega members, as well as members from other agrees, saying it “serves its purpose to draw people in while also supporting something that has great importance.” While it is enjoyable, Linville says that her favorite part of this event is “the cause that it’s for. It directly helps women and anyone that is in a difficult situation that needs help.” 

A Cappella Night will occur on Saturday, Nov. 2, in Smith Auditorium from 6-8 p.m. Pre order tickets for five dollars apiece, or pay $10 at the door.


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