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ASWU covers clubs and Bishop, welcomes new senator

By Ben Love

The Associated Students of Willamette University (ASWU) meeting that took place on Thursday the 26th, covered a range of topics from a budget request form to the ongoing discussion of Bishop’s future. Treasurer Dana Morita discussed a bylaw to be added for the removal of club/leadership positions to prevent groups that do not abide by the ASWU agreements that were signed at the beginning of every year. The Judicial Branch oversaw the resignation of an ASWU Senator. A new senator is to arrive this week to fill an open position in the class of 2020; the upcoming Senator William Gupton, is said to have shown much interest in bridging the gap between the students and faculty.

An arts and crafts club was approved during the meeting. The previous topics mentioned lasted roughly 20-30 minutes, much of the discussion during the meeting was around Bishop Wellness Center and the email sent out the previous week by Vice President Ed Whipple. ASWU discussed the cost to maintain physical health services at Bishop and student support for those services. The previous week a petition was put together to show the reaction of students in regard to the changes to Bishop, a final product of over 600 individual signatures along with comments totaling around 139 responses totally about 24 pages.

An email was sent out by ASWU on Friday morning to respond to the email of Dr. Whipple. The response conveys the backing and support by ASWU to the affected students and reassures the students of its continual push for a better solution.

ASWU Senate meetings are weekly every Thursday at 7 p.m. in Ford 102. All students are welcome to attend.



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