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ASWU discusses new Bishop plan

By Claire Matthews-Lingen
ASWU Senator

Ed Whipple and Don Thomson spoke with ASWU last week about their proposed student healthcare plan. ASWU is in full support of the proposal to keep health services on campus by raising the student health fee to $310.

The questions asked of Whipple and Thomson consisted of logistical questions about what the health services will look like as well as questions pointing out the issues in process. Whipple said he plans on keeping the Student Health Advisory Committee in place for continual evaluation and advocacy. He believes the chair of that committee will help smooth the process going forward. Raising the fee and retaining health services was what students recommended back in November.

Bishop health services will be fully restored, with the addition of a part time M.D. and another mental health counselor (which should reduce appointment wait times). They stated that this proposal was reached in part due to the priorities shown through student feedback. In addition, any services through Salem Health would have been fee based regardless. Whipple said, “you don’t know what you have, until you go out and look at the options.”

Whipple stated that he appreciates the focus of student leadership on solution based action, stating, “I changed my mind, a lot of it was students and how passionate they were.” He also stated, “we will look to student leadership in the future.” Senator Mackey expressed her appreciation for the administration hearing us on what students want. She, along with other senators, has hope for ASWU’s relationship with the administration going forward.



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