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ASWU Election Candidates


Denise Diaz

Hi! I am a Film Studies major who is double minoring in Art History and Politics. I am an RA, the ASWU Sound Manager, and an exec member of Alianza. I’d like to say that I am pretty involved with events on campus and tend to know what is going on at WU. I do want to be honest with you and tell you that I do not have much experience with ASWU. I have only been to ASWU meetings 3 times and I have proxied for a senator before. Those experiences at ASWU meetings have given me a glimpse into what being a senator at those meetings entail. I also would like to be clear with y’all that I don’t have any plans because I want to create my plans around what y’all would like/ want. If elected as one of the senators for the Class of 2019 I vow to listen to what you want and try my hardest to get shit done.



Peter Oaks

I am running for ASWU Senate as it would provide me with more opportunities to get involved with the whole of the Willamette community. I have two main objectives for my term: to help increase and streamline effective communication between students and faculty, and to promote already created events, and to create new events, that occur on campus that are both fun and stress relieving for students. I have experience with navigating bureaucracy and working in effective teams. If you see me walking across campus and would like to talk about any events or changes you would like to happen, or simply want to say hi, I’m more than happy to do so!



Mia Noren

I am Northern California born and raised and spent two years living in Missouri until I came Willamette University. On campus I am a political science major and sociology minor, a member of Alpha Chi Omega, an ASWU justice, and I frequently participate in Dance Company. Off campus I have been an Intern and now Legislative Aide to Oregon State Senator Jackie Winters for the last two years. As she became the minority leader of the senate this year, I have moved with her to work in the minority caucus office and serve as a field director on her re-election campaign. Although I have political experience across the street, I deeply care about the Willamette student body and want to apply the skills and experience I have gained to the AWSU senator position. I hope to work with this amazing group of students to promote transparency and represent my class of 2019 to the best of my ability.




Simone Stewart

Hi, my name is Simone and I will be running for ASWU Senator for the class of 2020. As a person of color and first-generation college student, I understand the struggle that many like me at Willamette University face to be where we are today. I have been extremely grateful to those who have advocated for people like me on campus, but now I would like the honor of doing the same for you. I believe in transparency, further support for the diverse students on campus, and action! I hope to bring more transparency with any possible policy changes that may come and to provide you with the best information available, so that together we can make the best decisions possible. I promise to those who feel unheard and underrepresented at Willamette that I will do everything in my ability to bring the changes to campus we need. I understand the importance of feeling understood and protected in your community, so allow me to be your support. I promise your voice will be heard, and you will be supported, because with me as your senator you have someone who will listen and who will act.



Colin Troesken

It has been my pleasure to serve as an ASWU Senator for the past two years, and I hope to continue this service. Throughout my term as an ASWU Senator, I am pleased with what I have accomplished in terms of assisting with ASWU Senate projects and working with ASWU Finance Board to ensure club funding is as fair and equitable as possible. However, I hope to accomplish more during my third year. Firstly, I will make sure that there is more transparency with ASWU Senate and the student body. I know that many people don’t know what is discussed at Senate meetings, and students should know if their concerns are actually being addressed. I will ensure that whenever one of you makes me aware of a problem, that it will not go unnoticed by the rest of ASWU Senate. Second, I will help to ensure a positive discourse between the Willamette community and the administration. Your voices deserve to be heard, so let’s ensure that they are. Lastly, I will work to make sure that the impacts of the next Senate are positive and long lasting, thank you.



Carlo Rivas

Hey there! My name is Carlo Rivas and I am running for a Senate seat for the Class of 2020!

Now I’m sure some of you are sitting there reading this thinking, “Carlo, what are you doing and why?”. To be frank, I’m running because I continually hear points of discontent amongst students and want to do what I can to make a difference. They say that this supposed to be the best part of our lives; lets make that a reality!

In terms of experience, I’ve spent the past year as an RA on eastside, working with the rest of our staff to foster positive relationships with residents, and advocate for them in the Housing and Conferences department in general. I also served as my hall’s RHA representative freshman-year, am a member of our debate union, and I have years of prior volunteer and leadership experience that I am confident I can carry through to Senate in order to represent the Class of 2020, and the entire Willamette student body. If elected, I aim to advocate on behalf of our class fervently and with transparency, and I commit myself to act on the changes you want to see.



Kellen Bulger

In my brief time at Willamette I have become heavily involved in several activities, each of which have greatly strengthened my ability to best represent our graduating class and the Willamette student body as a whole. Whether it be writing and reporting for the Collegian throughout the entirety of my time here at Willamette and eventually becoming the News Editor, being an Opening Days Leader, competing for both the cross-country and track teams, or being a politics and environmental science double major—I have experienced many different communities and levels of responsibility on our own campus. The multitude of these interpersonal and professional experiences has allowed me to obtain a better understanding of the inner workings of our campus. More importantly though, in every position I have been in I have actively navigated institutional barriers to create positive changes. Two of my immediate goals, if I am presented with the opportunity to represent the class of 2020, are to further campus sustainability practices and to take steps to increase transparency between the administration and students. Thank you for your time and I hope you make your voice heard this week.



Griffin T. Cammell

Your voices deserve to be heard & we deserve a professional, expressive, inclusive & responsive Representative. I will be all of that & more, guaranteed. As your Class of ‘20 Senator I will use my past administrative and constituency based experience to listen to the wants and needs of those in our campus and community, work with other parties to address problems, options and plans, and work with ASWU and the administration, in order to provide Willamette University students, with the best college experience. Thank you.



Tatiana Amrein

Hello, Class of 2020! My name is Tatiana Amrein and I am officially announcing my candidacy to represent you in the Associated Students of Willamette University (ASWU) Senate next Fall. I am currently a Politics major who holds great value in listening to and acting on the concerns of my peers.

I was born and raised here in Salem, OR, so I know first hand the impact of Willamette University on the city of Salem. As an elementary school student, I visited Willamette for the first time with my classmates at Bush Elementary, and since then I knew I wanted to be a Bearcat.

In my time at Willamette, I have held positions allowing me to contribute to the university and the communities surrounding it such as Layout Editor for the Collegian and Lead Team for Tiger Club.

As an ASWU Senator, I would strive to learn and listen to the input of my peers while examining the issues at hand and their impacts within the context of Willamette University. My analytical approach to this position would allow me to view any issue from every angle to find the resolution that will best serve all students. As a Senator, I would be fully committed to best represent everyone in the Class of 2020. Please consider voting for me for ASWU Senate.



Tessa Harvey

When I joined the Willamette community I was seeking a unique education in politics. Now, I feel that I have found that and so much more. My love for politics developed during AP United States Government when I was in high school in Bellevue, WA. I began to seek out political experience immediately and knew Willamette was the place for me because of its proximity to the political center of Oregon. While I’ve always been interested in campus politics and student government, I was also a typical Willamette first-year student, and my fear of overcommitting won over my hopes of joining in. Now, with more experience in other activities and jobs around campus, I feel that I can bring a new and different voice to our senate. I intend to make ASWU more accessible and seen as as a place to start the process of change on campus. Iam grateful for all the opportunities Willamette has given me so far, and I want to give back by changing it for the better.



Amarit Ubhi

As a Politics and Philosophy student, an exec member of The Collegian, and an ongoing intern in the OR Legislature, I’m struck by how student government is vulnerable to so many of the

issues that also affect national and state government processes. Namely, when representatives aren’t transparent with their decision-making the student body is left potentially confused and misinformed. I want to enhance the transparency of ASWU Senate, contribute to its diversity and representation of dynamic perspectives in inclusive ways, but, crucially, without shutting down the authentic and productive expressions of different opinions. I also want to maintain a good relation between administration and the student body, which calls for a fair balance between the long-term health of the university and the short-term needs and interests of attending students. As your elected representative, I will strive to ensure that developments in student services, such as the new Student Portal accomplish what they promise. I plan on holding hold office hours to make myself accessible to the class of 2020!




Isabel Sacksteder

I currently hold the positions of ASWU senator and Class Whip, meaning that I lead and organize the class of 2021 senators. I have served on the Equity Diversity and Inclusion task force and I contributed to the part ASWU played in the restoration of Bishop Wellness Center. As a senator, I strive to identify biases which could play a part in the decisions ASWU makes as a governing body. I also regularly remind myself and others to consider the wishes of the Willamette student body we represent. I would love the chance to serve on ASWU for another term as one of your elected leaders. Vote Isabel Sacksteder for a candidate with experience in student government and commitment to serve in the best interest of the Willamette community.



Jake Procino

If you want a Senator that supports your beliefs, A vote for Procino will provide that relief. In the position I’ll be moral and prudent, And always take time to hear out a student. As a Senator I’ll be present and engaging. For Willamette student needs are rapidly changing I truly support all basic rudiments But most important to me is the health of the students From safe sex to housing, To exercise and counseling From sleeping to food security To talking ‘bout healthy masculinity Feel free to talk to me About anything that’s bothering thee, You’ll find that I’ve an open mind, To problems and solutions of all kind. Vote Jake Procino for Class of 2021 ASWU Senator!



Jordan Hitchcock

Hi everyone! My name is Jordan Hitchcock and I’m running to be a senator for ASWU next year. While in this position, I hope to be a connection between the class of 2021 and the administration. I want to be a voice representing the needs of Willamette on topics such as diversity, inclusion, student activities, as well as student concerns. I love Willamette, and I want to make it a place where students feel heard. On campus, I’m an anthropology and psychology double major with a minor in American ethnic studies. I’m an over-all committee chair in Hawai’i club, am a choreographer for this years annual lu’au. I’m also a 2018 opening days leader, hosting for bearcat days, and am a active member in Alpha Phi.



James Hoodecheck

The duty of an ASWU Senator is to represent their constituents to the administration of Willamette University. After attending ASWU meetings both semesters and having proxied for multiple Senators, I’ve honed in on the changes I’d like to see and be in our ASWU Senate. These changes are simple: dedication to the position, representation of all constituents, and being accessible as a Senator. As a Senator I will put more than 100% of my effort into the role and will happily stay for the entirety of meetings, even if they run long. Further, I know and am friends with students in the Class of 2021 from all identities and want their voices to be heard. Lastly, I will remain accessible to my constituents and willing to talk to them on all issues whenever and however they would like. Thank you for your time, and please do feel free to look at my social media campaign where I further elaborate on my stances.



Claire Matthews-Lingen

I am running for reelection because serving on ASWU has been an extremely rewarding experience. When I first ran last fall I promised that I would get more water bottle refilling stations on campus. This goal is becoming a reality, the grant proposal has been approved by the Green Fund committee. I believe my success in this project is a testament to my dedication to this position, the student body, and Willamette as a whole. So vote Claire Mathews-Lingen to see the changes you want at Willamette realized. I have been very involved as a senator, writing the bi-weekly ASWU column in the Collegian, serving on the elections commision, serving as a student representative on the University marketing committee. All of this has been in addition to being actively involved in the weekly ASWU meetings. If reelected I would like to hear from you all on how to best represent the diverse needs of our class. I hope you will consider reelecting me so that I can continue to serve the student body as a senator. Be aware, vote Claire!



Britt Mitchell

This year I have gotten to know many different students on campus by participating in the swim team, the debate team, participating in conferences and club activities. This has given me a unique opportunity to listen to many different perspectives on campus and has inspired me to run for ASWU senate so I can help facilitate change on campus that will ensure every voice is heard by those in power. I have led many student groups that have worked with their administration to figure out budgeting, resources and representation so I have the experience I need to be confident that I can make progress as your senator. I am passionate about creating a campus where every student has space for their voice to be heard to its full extent. Voting for me will ensure you an avid listener who is dedicated to pushing your agenda in ASWU meetings and a hard worker that is willing to go the extra mile to make sure your Willamette experience is the best it can be!



Cassidy Brennan

Hello, my name is Cassidy Brennan and I am running to be one of your Class of 2021 Senators. I’m going to make this quick! I have been involved in student council since 8th grade, I was the captain of several sports teams in high school and was honored to be my high school’s Student Body Secretary my senior year: all of this means that I have enough experience to know how to get things done for you. I am most interested in making sure that our campus gets outside and stays active. I want to ensure that the outdoor program stays extremely active on campus and gets all the funding it needs, that all of the intramural and club sports have the resources allocated to them that they need and deserve, and that all of the activities that Sparks has to help you destress and stay active are made known and readily available. The arts, ecological preservation and restoration, and campus unity are also primary concerns that I will make sure are kept at the forefront. There are so many things that I’m ready and excited to do as a Senator– sko Bearcats!



Joel Westby

Hi! I’m Joel Westby and I am running to be your ASWU Senator next year. I have been involved in student government every year since 4th grade, last year being the exception. In past positions, I have planned events, both formal and informal, raised support for fundraisers, created and administered a school-wide tutor program to serve my elementary, middle, and high school peers, and communicated with the administration to help the school years be the best they could be. Currently, I work at the Willamette University College of Law in the Office of Admissions, recruit and raise money for the Tracy Hoffman Memorial Run for Leukemia, and teach Lifeguard Certification classes to increase pool safety in the Mid-Valley community. As your ASWU senator, I will strive to serve you. I will advocate for the Student Body like I have in the past: with diligence, passion, and connections to the Salem community. I want to increase our outreach while also popping the Willamette Bubble and bringing in leaders in Oregon to talk with us. Please join me in creating or reforming programs and institutions at Willamette. If you have any questions of me, please do not hesitate to ask. Best, Joel.



Kaizen Betts-LaCroix

I am running for ASWU to help make Willamette safer and more inclusive. Although there are great things about our school, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Willamette’s sexual misconduct policy is—to put it bluntly— fucked up. As Senator, I will push the administration to listen to students’ voices calling for a better approach. As we go through budget cuts and as the federal US administration rolls back import-ant Title IX guidance for universities, it is more essential than ever that we stand up as students to demand that our needs be addressed. Specifically, I want the administration to: 1. Publish a transparent description of Willamette’s procedure in adjudicating sexual assault reports. 2. Use the “preponderance of the evidence” standard for adjudicating cases, as in civil rights courts. 3. End current practices that prioritize protecting the University’s reputation over its students. To achieve any change, we must take the same diplomatic approach that we used in pushing for the restoration of health services at Bishop, and be polite but firm when voicing our stance. Sexual assault is one of the most important issues facing our campus, and, if elected Senator, I will not let our voices be ignored.


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