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By Benjamin Love
ASWU Senator

CLA Dean Ruth Feingold joined the Associated Students of Willamette University on Thursday March 16 as a guest and spoke on a variety of topics ranging from her position as Dean to the revising of general education.

Dean Feingold mentioned there is a big push to add new academic programs to the undergraduate college. She spoke on the importance of integrating the undergraduate school with the law and business school to take advantage of the many resources available there to gain a better well rounded education. Dean Feingold also discussed the faculty’s work on revising the general education program, including looking at the language requirement, getting rid of MOIs, and focusing on high impact courses.

Questions arose later in the meeting regarding the future of adding Claremont School of Theology as a third Willamette graduate school, they are currently in a position of trying to legally sell their campus. And more questions arose regarding the shrinking number of admitted students each year and the impact that has on Willamette’s budget and the courses offered.

ASWU meeting take place every Thursday at 7 p.m. on the first floor of Ford; all students are welcome.



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