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By Benjamin Love
ASWU Senator

Following the Associated Students of Willamette University (ASWU) meeting that took place on Thursday, April 5.

President Jack Wellman spoke on the ASWU Student Portal that has just launched. The ASWU Student Portal, located on the WU Portal, is a student only portal site with content and discussion on both university governance and ASWU. Senate Pro Temp Kylah Clay discussed the upcoming senate elections.

ASWU President-Elect Mackey spoke about a play dealing with the topic of sexual assault and interpersonal violence against women. The theater production would most likely be held in Smith and be funded partially by ASWU. The theatrical production is called The Haze, written and performed by Heather Marlowe.

The Aerospace Exploration Organization (AEO) was approved during the meeting and the Outdoor Program Bill passed. The bill establishes the Outdoor Program as an ASWU Program. Senator Kim spoke on his resolution for ending gun violence; a statement from the Willamette Community and ASWU which will be sent to Oregon’s Congressional Delegation. ASWU voted unanimously to support the resolution.

During public comment a guest joined ASWU and spoke on the problem of gun violence. The meeting also consisted of prospective students visiting during Bearcat Days.

ASWU meeting take place every Thursday at 7 p.m. on the first floor of Ford; all students are welcome.



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