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ASWU Senate 2019 election candidates: Meet the students running for office

Hey, Bearcats!

I just wanted to remind everyone that ASWU accepts write-in candidates! Talk to your friends and ask them to vote for you or vote for your friend that you think could be a good fit to represent your class. Just make sure you spell their name right. Good luck to all candidates! (Hint, hint: You don’t have to be a politics major! You just have to be in good academic standing and a CLA student!)

Feel free to stop by the exec team’s office hours! Check out the ASWU website for our hours or submit a suggestion to us! Or better yet, come to one of our meetings on Thursdays at 7:00pm in Ford 102 and see what we do! We strive to represent the student body as best we can and we would love to hear from you!

Erica Noble, ‘19

ASWU Vice President

Sophie Goodwin-Rice, Class of 2021

My name is Sophie Goodwin-Rice, and I’m excited to be running for ASWU Senate, representing the class of 2021! I’m a PPLE and Spanish double major, and after spending three semesters at Willamette, I’m looking forward to joining ASWU in making positive changes for our school and community. I believe that while Willamette has taken several strides towards environmental friendliness over the years, we can still do better. As your Senator, I would like to work with University and student organizations to provide reusable to-go containers at food facilities throughout campus, similar to the model used at Oregon State University. I also believe that student resources such as WEMS and the SOAR Center should be prioritized at WU, as they work to protect students’ wellbeing and privacy. Furthermore, I believe that Willamette has the potential to become better connected with the greater Salem community, bursting the “bubble” feeling that many of us experience. Throughout my interactions with individuals and groups both on and off campus, I’ve learned the importance of respect, community relationships and continuous learning. As your Senator, I will work hard for the issues I believe in, while serving as a voice for my peers.

Courtesy of Sophie Goodwin-Rice

Aby Jaeger, Class of 2021

Hello, I’m Aby Ocean Jaeger and I hope to be selected as one of the new Senators for the Class of 2021.

Through my internship for a candidate for the California State Assembly this past summer, I was able to meet and connect with local political leaders and advocate for the issues I cared about, including caring for the environment and funding for schools. I helped raise funds and canvassed for what turned out to be a successful winning campaign against an incumbent in the election.

As prominent student leaders on our campus, I feel the Senators have a duty of being the voice of the students to the Willamette administration. As a Senator for the Class of 2021, I will be a strong and focused voice to all levels of the administration and make sure the concerns of students are heard. Chief among these, in my opinion, is being assured that low attendance rates do not affect funding for student clubs organizations, and activities. These extracurriculars are an essential aspect of making Willamette the vibrant community it is.

Please choose to vote for me, Aby Ocean Jaeger, to be your next class of 2021 senator.

Courtesy of Aby Jaeger

Amar Kshetrapal, Class of 2020

I came to Willamette University in the year 2015, something about this school just called out to me, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Ever since then, I’ve gotten to know the many people who go here and heard their questions and concerns. For many years I’ve had several concerns I’ve wished to address things that I wish I could do but haven’t had much of a chance to do them. This year I received an email, stating that there were openings in the ASWU Senate, and I realised there was no better opportunity to make change. If we are to aspire to greatness, we must begin to make changes, to improve to better the way things are. I’m not satisfied with the way things are run with the way things are handled. I declare my candidacy for the Senate because I believe that I can make a positive change, not just for myself, but for those who have been crying out for someone to make a difference. I announce my candidacy because I believe in this institution, and I believe that together, we can make a better Willamette for the students of tomorrow.

Courtesy of Amar Kshetrapal

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