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ASWU exec candidates

Vice President:

Angel Park
My goal as Vice President of the Associated Students of Willamette University is to represent all students and working to make ASWU efficient and effective for the student voice in official matters on campus, making it an open and collaborative organization for students who want to make a difference and inspiring students to be active in what they believe in. I want everyone to recognize that the bigger changes aren’t always the best and the smaller ones can have meaning and the same power to impact student life for the better. In order to achieve this, I want there to be more transparency between administration, faculty, and students like the current ASWU body and exec has been working towards. If given the opportunity I hope to take on the project even further and hope that every student feels supported and represented.

Dani Garcia-King
To the Willamette Community, My name is Dani Garcia-King and I am a second-year Sociology major with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, who uses they/them/theirs pronouns. While this is only my second year, I have found myself on this campus for five other years from my time in the college access program, Willamette Academy. Being able to experience from the outside what the Willamette Community was, helped me to see how, as the ASWU Vice President, I could try to listen to the voices trying to be heard. In the two years so far on the inside, I found that there is always room for growth. Since my time in ASWU as a first-year senator and now this term as a senator for the second-year class, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to reach towards improving the way in which students experience this campus, is to ask them directly how to help. As a candidate of the ASWU Executive Branch, I envision a legislative body that directly communicates with the students in hopes of supporting the belief that students deserve to have their voices lifted up.

Mary Robicheaux
Hello Bearcats! My name is Mary Robicheaux and I am running for the position of Vice President of ASWU for the 2020-2021 academic year! I am a class of 2021 psychology major and have served as an ASWU senator for the current school year. Through my experience as an ASWU senator this past year, I have worked on three campus improvement projects, including putting content warnings on the list of suggested syllabi language, the current caucus project, and a project focused on helping students notarize their absentee ballots. I have also served on the dining advisory committee, which involved creating strategies to improve students’ dining experience at Goudy and holding themed dinners at Goudy, and on the Food Recovery Network, which helped Salem’s homeless community by bringing food to the Union Gospel Mission. As Vice President, I would look forward to working with senators on their campus improvement projects and ensure that each senator is able to have their voice heard in Senate. Please remember to cast your vote between March 18th – 20th, and I hope you choose me, Mary Robicheaux, for Vice President of ASWU!


Michael Burke
My name is Michael Burke and I’m running for ASWU Treasurer. I’m from Portland, just an hour from Willamette and have lived in the PNW all my life. Over the past year, I have gathered experience in Willamette student government while serving as an ASWU Senator. Through this position, I have gained experience working with the allocation of ASWU funds. Working side by side with other Senators and the current ASWU Treasurer, I have personally worked to interpret and discuss funding procedures for clubs. This same experience I have from being an ASWU Senator has prepared me to fill the position of ASWU Treasurer. As ASWU Treasurer, I plan to focus on ensuring all clubs and student organizations are treated fairly and without bias. When serving the whole of campus as ASWU Treasurer, it will be my utmost priority to ensure the needs and desires of all students are met as fairly as possible.

Jordan Samuel
Hi Willamette! Are you a member/officer of a club? Do you want to join a club? Student organizations are an integral part of Willamette culture and I plan on streamlining the process for funding them. Club officers know that applying for funding can be a big procedure. There are three funding rounds per semester and you have to exchange several emails to submit purchase plans, wait for those plans to be approved, get money into the club account, and then actually buy the items and ask to be reimbursed from the account. If at any point ASWU forgets to respond, or the proposal fails to pass through the bylaws, or market prices change, the process has to be restarted and clubs have to wait until the next round. Also funding is always capped at a precedent set when the club was created or earlier, and club members and officers have no influence in how these precedents are set and no way to change them. As a former treasurer of Nerf Club and your future ASWU treasurer I would do all I can to simplify the funding process. I will give club members/officers a seat at the table for

Juan Vargas
Hey Bearcats! My name is Juan Vargas and I am running for treasurer of the ASWU Executive Branch. As an Oregonian for almost my entire life, I am an outdoors lover. I am also part of Willamette’s cross country and track team. During high school, I have been part of several student organizations in my community. I have experience with budgeting for non-profits and using the limited amount of resources strategically to get the best out of it. As the treasurer, I will focus on efficiently managing the ASWU finance system. Working with the rest of the ASWU Executive branch to create and plan awesome activities for y’all, I will use all of my knowledge to carefully administer and serve as an advisor. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, my email is and my instagram is @juan9_vargas. Hope y’all have a good day, vote Juan
Vargas for treasure it only takes “Juan” second.

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