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Issue 1 Humans

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Issue 24, 2015-2016

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Stay busy and you won’t have to think about it by Abigail Lahnert We all live like this, or have lived like this at one point or another in our lives: There is the waking up, the eating or not eating of breakfast, then the schedule of the day that pulls us through each hour…

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Issue 4, 2015-2016

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Why can’t we be friends? by Anya Rogala Senator steps down by Kate Lively Cervantes pushes for big changes by Ryan Gail ASWU does detective work by Kate Lively Campo clash on campus by Gia Anguiano Oregon Trail Live: More fun, less dysentery by Sarah Haghi Give nothing, get something… every time by Josh Trissel

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Issue 3, 2015-2016

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What’s in a name… or a pronoun? by Celine Sannes-Pond W. Academy task force reevluates program’s mission    by Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale Hack    by Kate Lively Alumna brings it on home    by Elize Manoukian WU store outsourced after decreases in revenue by Ryan Gail The app that walks you home    by Colin Metcalfe

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Issue 2, 2015-2016

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Academia in the age of apartheid by Noor Amr Greeks have fun like Dionysus at block party    by Ryan Gail Willamette matches national averages    by Tatyana Stangell Activities Expo not just for first years anymore    by Katie Lively Rise of the man buns    by Christine Smith No beef with the vegan

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