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ISSUE 16 | 2/15/17

In the story “Protestors demand state action for refugees and immigrants,” Lara Shinsato’s name was spelled incorrectly. In the story “ASWU works to ‘build’ bridges with ASP students,” it was incorrectly stated that WEB hosted a Roommate Party. The party was held by TIUA. The Collegian regrets these errors.

ISSUE 6 | 10/12/16

The Oct. 12 issue featured an interview with the editors of QT Collective. Alexis Jimenezís name was incorrectly spelled “Alex Jimmenez.” The Collegian regrets this error and hopes that it did not take away from the story or QT Collective. The Collegian would like to apologize to Alexis. The editorial staff will work hard to ensure that this type of error does not occur in the future.

ISSUE 1 | 9/7/16

In the issue published on September 7, Nebraska Lucas was incorrectly named Brendan Blosser-Mc-Ginnis. The Collegian regrets this error.

ISSUE 10 | 11/4/15

Ryan Gail, who wrote an article last week (10/22, page 2) titled “Updates from Campus Safety,” works on campus as a parking booth attendant and sits on the Campus Safety Advisory committee. He requested that these potential biases be disclosed.

The feature article “Educate before you recreate” (10/22, page 6—7) printed the incorrect address of 7 Leaf Collective. The dispensary’s address is 1026 Commercial St. NE, Salem, OR 97301.

ISSUE 26 | 4/29/15

An article published last Wednesday (“Sexual assault affects 32% of incoming class,” page 3) included incorrect statistical information in its headline and body text. Of those who report an experience with sexual assault, 32 percent say the event occurred before they reached the age of 17.

The same article misattributed the source of student data regarding sexual assault. The survey was conducted by the President’s Working Group, not SARA.

ISSUE 23 | 4/8/15

An article published on March 11 (“Chemawa students tour WU,” page 3) incorrectly quoted and identified high school students. The reporter received permission from the instructor present for the tour, but not from Chemawa school administrators.

A column published on March 11 (“I can smell your transfer,” page 5) contained several errors of fact. University President Stephen Thorsett does not speak at matriculation. The comments attributed to him, which should not have been rendered in quotation marks, are a paraphrase of those given by Dean of Campus Life David Douglass.

An article published on March 11 (“WU crew: Every day is leg day,” page 8) misquoted Sarah Fish. The teammate who sits at the stern of the boat and guides the rowers is called the coxswain, not the coxman.

ISSUE 21 | 3/11/15

A news article published online and in print last Wednesday (“Bookstore lost over $500K since 2009,” page 2) included erroneous financial information in its headline and first sentence.
Comparing total sales figures from 2009 and 2014, the Willamette Store’s net revenue decreased by $586,460. The store itself, however, is still profitable and is not run at a loss.

ISSUE 19 | 2/25/15

An opinions article published last Wednesday (“Kate Brown takes office,” front page) misidentified former Governor John Kitzhaber’s challenger in the 2014 gubernatorial election. Kitzhaber bested Republican Dennis Richardson in the race, not Monica Wehby.

ISSUE 17 | 2/11/15

An article published last Wednesday, (“A ‘TransJenner’ odyssey,” page 5) incorrectly stated that athlete Bruce Jenner was in the process of transitioning gender. Jenner has never made any public statement regarding a gender transition.

ISSUE 13 | 11/19/14

Social media content posted by the Collegian, as well as an article published on the Collegian’s website (“Willamette student charged in murder,” Nov. 12) misstated the age of Beau Wesley Smith. He is 21, not 22.

A photo caption published online (“Willamette student charged in murder,” Nov. 12) misattributed a photo of Michael Hampshire. The photo is courtesy of the Tillamook County Sheriff’s office, not Salem PD.

An article published on the Collegian’s website, (“Smith to hear charges in court today,” Nov. 13) incorrectly listed the address for the Marion County Courthouse Annex. The Annex is located at 4000 Aumsville Highway SE, not 100 High St. NE.

ISSUE 12 | 11/12/14

An article published on Nov. 5 (“Cross country dominates NWC,” cover) misstated the relationship between Bush’s Pasture Park and the University. The park is owned by the city, not Willamette.

ISSUE 9 | 10/22/14

An article published on Oct. 9 (“WEB collects 27% of student fees,” page 2) misstated the amount Willamette Events Board is allocated by ASWU. WEB receives $49,296 on a per-semes- ter, not annual, basis.
An unsigned editorial published on Oct. 9 (“What do you think we are worth?,” page 11) incorrectly stated the funding amount received by the Collegian from ASWU. The Collegian is allocated $32,804 on a per-semester basis, not annual.

An unsigned editorial published on Oct. 9 (“What do you think we are worth?,” page 11) incorrectly stated the funding amount received by the Collegian from ASWU. The Collegian is allocated $32,804 on a per-semester basis, not annual.

ISSUE 6 | 10/1/14

Front Page
A photo caption published last Wednesday incorrectly identified the names of three students shown rehearsing for a play. From left to right, they are Caroline MacFarland, Karina Fathi and Kilee Rheinsburg.

ISSUE 5 | 9/24/14

A photo element published last Wednesday mistakenly included confidential student information protected under federal law. The student has been issued new identification by the University, and the old information has been voided.

The Collegian is committed to respecting the privacy of all students’ educational records. In light of this breach of trust, we have updated our policy and required all student employees to undergo online FERPA training.

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