25% read Collegian weekly    EDITORIAL Undercover on the student tour    by Sam Hilburn Playing baseball like a babe    by Elize Manoukian 40% of students vote    by Katie Dobbs What should WU do? by Shannon Sollitt Res life restructures operations

EDITORIAL If you’re reading this, then you intrinsically understand what a recent student government survey confirms: The Collegian is a well-read, vitally important part of the Willamette community. Over 25 percent of students read the Collegian 15 to 13 times a semester—the highest reporting category listed in

Baseball = family, ass slaps By Elize Manoukian [caption id="attachment_8101" align="alignright" width="199"] IF THE PANTS FIT: Senior center fielder Rolenn Himuro has started all 27 games this season.[/caption] Participation can feel like too much to ask. Please don’t ask me to sign your petition, perform in your art show,

By Hyakub Herring I hope anyone reading this article is already aware of the most prominent album of the year thus far, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” by the critically acclaimed king of rap, Kendrick Lamar. [caption id="attachment_8097" align="alignright" width="225"] Kendrick Lamar recently proposed to his girlfriend of