‘Big cost drivers’ are health care, reducing endowment spending By Bronte Dod Tuition and room and board costs will increase to a combined $56,500 for the 2015–2016 academic year. In an email sent to current CLA juniors, sophomores and freshmen, vice president of administration Monica Rimai wrote

Transition begins for incoming ASWU execs By Katie Dobbs The incoming student government president, vice president and treasurer were elected by less than 50 percent of CLA students, according to current ASWU Vice President Colleen Smyth. Last month, 845 students participated in the executive elections; all undergraduates—about

By Shannon Sollitt At a time dedicated to self-exploration and growth, it is expected that college students will look for ways to express their evolving identities. It is hardly surprising, then, that an estimated 23 percent of college students have at least one tattoo. Be they

Bearcats dominate Saturday’s games    by Blake Lepire Safety focus group finds officer-student tension            by Shannon Sollitt This ice cream tastes like apartheid    by Anonymous Track and field overcome elements    by Evan Giddings Get

By Zack Boyden Masculinity is in crisis, but it is not under attack. Rather, the definition we use to define men as men has shifted. Like many concepts and institutions that go through an existential crisis, the problem is that for years masculinity was defined through