By Mikalah Barem The Tobacco Review Policy committee will submit two recommendations to University President Stephen Thorsett to update Willamette’s tobacco policy. The group is comprised of students, faculty and staff with the goal of assessing campus opinion about tobacco, and proposing recommendations to amend the current

Out of 100+, only one adjunct walks    by Zane Sparling OD doesn’t want me    by Rachael Decker Profs to vote on Turkey Day break    by Bronte Dod Track wins big at season opener    by Evan Giddings Parks in Salem: not wrecked

By Zack Boyden There have been recent talks about making Internet access controlled by a utility. Essentially, the government is declaring that the Internet is a necessary part of life that one must have in order to function properly in conventional society. I’m in agreement. The

By Blake Lepire This year, the owners of Major League Baseball (MLB) elected Rob Manfred as the next commissioner, and his first order of business was to enact policy that speeds up games. In 1950, the average length of a game was around 2 hours and