By Teddy Wu Save for “Owl Capone” of Bush Park, late night Muchas Gracias food and occasional run-ins with methheads, Salem rarely strikes me as a spooky place. But a city over 150 years old is bound to have a profound history filled with ghoulish secrets.

ASWU closes Late Night Eats By Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale ASWU’s year-long experiment providing late-night food on campus concluded last semester. It was considered unviable in its current state, according to multiple sources. Chris Linn, general manager of Bon Appétit at Willamette, oversaw the staff that worked for Late

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By Evann Zuckerman It’s been whispered in classrooms and on Bistro couches, mentioned in frustrated ventings and sarcastic conversations, but I never thought that the day would come; the day when fraternities would be welcomed to live on campus. A quick refresher: In spring of

By Brian Highkin Dear Editor, In 2013, Sigma Chi lost their house because of comments made on their Facebook page. These comments included statements about hazing, as well as sexist and misogynous conduct. One member wrote about domestic abuse. While some admonished their brothers, only one decided