By Jessica Meza-Torres, Edna Htet, and Malorie Hill The Internet and human interaction are not mutually exclusive. Though a number of sentimental hipsters will still look back with teary eyes at a time when we all “still participated in actual conversation,” the Internet has actually elevated

Downtown gets sweeter    by Christine Smith Director’s Cut: A look into the film studies program by Edna Htet Occupy Hatfield    EDITORIAL Men’s basketball on the rise    by Evan Gidding Panda Bear: no longer hibernating    by Teddy Wu Who’s the

You’re dead EDITORIAL Students gathered on the first floor of the library were disrupted last semester, after a crowd protesting police brutality occupied the building, chanting slogans and delivering impromptu speeches before rallying across the street at the Capitol. The Statesman Journal estimated that over 60 protesters affiliated