By Soren Underdahl Dear Editor, In response to the Dec. 3 article titled “Hazy future for weed,” I think a crucial point of information was left out. There is a very particular reason why nearly every single higher-education institution in this country, including in Washington and Colorado,

By Taylor Mutch Dear Editor, Upon reading the feature article in the Dec. 3 issue, (“Grand jury’s Ferguson decision raises controversy over American justice system,” page 6-7) in which Jessica Meza-Torres cites the Statesman Journal’s article “Recalculating the rates of black arrests in Salem,” I was

By Evan Giddings Over the winter break, the men’s basketball team quietly—but definitively—positioned themselves right in the middle of the Northwest Conference race, winning four of their last six games. After dropping their first two conference games to undefeated Whitworth University on Jan. 2 and currently second-placed

By Kellie Standish Some of you may have noticed that it’s been a bit balmier than usual these last couple months. People running in shorts and t-shirts, lush green mountain roads and unusually high numbers appearing on thermometers have people wondering—is it June, or is it