By Emily Hoard The University’s faculty council has finished reviewing the files for hiring tenure-track professors and promoting long-term instructors who are not on a tenure-track. The recommendations will be sent through the administration before being evaluated by the board of trustees. The part-time continuing non-tenure track

By Brendan McGinnis My first experience with a modern yo-yo occurred during my junior year of high school in San Mateo, CA. As my friend and I opened the trunk of his car to retrieve a skateboard, I noticed a small, green metal object. Its shape resembled

Hazy future for weed    by Katie Dobbs Covering tragedy, even when it hurts    EDITORIAL Golazo gives you wings    by Juliana Cohen No home for the holidays    by Alyssa Milstead Grand jury’s Ferguson decision and American justice system by Jessica

By Jake Saiki Every year, my family crams around a covered Ping-Pong table to have Christmas dinner together at my grandparents’ house. And every year, amidst all of the yelling, gesticulating and crying, my grandma stands up, throws her napkin down in disgust, and spits,