Senate overturns judicial impeachment ruling By Bronte Dod ASWU’s debt rose to almost $45,000 this semester, less than one year after senate voted to overturn a ruling to impeach its treasurer, whose financial errors led to the deficit. ASWU President Andrés Oswill, then a senator, made the motion

‘Gone Girl’ turns matrimony on its head    by Ian Sieg ‘A huge problem’    by Zane Sparling Make the most of every moment    by Natasha Parekh Men’s soccer grabs win against rival Linfield    by Bethany Hladick What will you decide?   

By Max Craddock Last week it was discovered that Heisman Trophy frontrunner Todd Gurley had been signing and selling autographs. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) prohibits college athletes from accepting compensation for their likeness, meaning that Gurley’s selling of autographs conwstitutes an NCAA violation. Gurley’s actions have