$18k unaccounted, ASWU pays off previous debt    by Bronte Dod Adam Stennett ‘94 ‘kept making art’    by Katie Dobbs Best in Oregon University ranking released    by Emily Hoard and Sam Chalekian History hiding in plain sight    by Jessica Meza-Torres ‘Top Girls’

Do rankings matter? By Emily Hoard and Sam Chalekian Willamette University has been ranked the top liberal arts university in Oregon and 64th in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report 2015 List of “Best Colleges.” Another college ranking by news outlet Forbes lists the

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Life on the Hyphen By Edna Htet and Jessica Meza-Torres The term diaspora, though often used to describe the plight of Jewish communities escaping persecution in Europe, has recently reemerged as a field of study that allows diverse groups of people to identify with the term. “The word

Ross Kovac The Internet, in all of its vast (and hilariously cat-filled) goodness, has finally done it: stripped us of the energy and motivation with which we used to do the most basic of tasks. Take online shopping for example—imagine donuts with none of the effort that