Classroom improv: Not the best stage By Juliana Cohen In one of my classes last week, I became unusually frustrated with another person. While discussing a dense reading in small groups, this peer spoke the most frequently and confidently, yet none of what he said seemed to

By Katie Dobbs In 2011, three students from the University of Maryland, College Park noticed that large amounts of leftover food from on-campus dining venues were being thrown away. In response, they created the Food Recovery Network (FRN) on their campus, which has developed into a national non-profit organization

University implements Compass Program Alyssa Milstead Fall 2014 marks the debut of the Compass Program within the Knowledge to Action project. Beginning in their first year at Willamette, students will participate in mandatory, non-credit courses designed to aid in their academic career and future vocations. CLA Dean and Vice President

By Maggie Boucher My high school English teacher dubbed happy a “5-cent” word. “Use something more descriptive, more enticing,” she would tell the class as she lectured us on the importance of having a wide- ranged vocabulary. “We need to use 50-cent words.” And so I did. I