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Dear Sherlock and Watson

Dear Sherlock and Watson,

I have this person who thinks I want to live with them, and I don’t know how to tell them they are wrong. Mostly because this person is my roommate. What do I do?

-Remorseful Roommate


Dear Remorseful Roommate,

Try dropping subtle hints to your roommate — talk about where you are going to live and who you are going to live with. This can come up in casual conversation. Perhaps try to ask your roomate where they are living next year, and based off of their answer you can gently let them down.

If they do not grasp your hints, then it would probably be best to sit down with them and have a blunt conversation about living situations next year. This conversation doesn’t have to go into detail, you can simply say that you have already made living arrangements for next year. Maybe have this talk right before spring break in case things go south and the two of you need some time apart to cool down.

Wishing you Well,


Dear Remorseful Roommate,

This can be a difficult subject to discuss directly. Instead, try dropping subtle hints that you have alternative living arrangements planned. For instance, you could say things like “I hope my next roommate is more tolerable” or “I would really hate to live with you ever again.” Try to do this in a public place so they can’t freak out too much.

Good luck,


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