Apathy and Complacency: The Willamette response to Syria by Brooks King For a university with students that pride themselves on being politically engaged, the proof is not in the pudding. Bearcats overwhelmingly demonstrate an attitude of apathy towards international political issues.   Demonstrations, resignations follow proposed Academy changes

The Editor, Willamette Collegian: Climate change is justifiably a hot topic today, but the ecological crisis is far more serious than climate change alone.  Numerous environmental limits have been violated, not just those relating to greenhouse gases.  You—the young —face a perilous and frightening future. The rational

by Josh Singer Opinions Editor Willamette’s attendance policy is just one aspect that makes the college campus feel like a more costly high school. For most classes, professors will drop your grade by some arbitrary amount after three unexcused absences, meaning absences that don’t tie to