By Katie Dobbs ety focus group was formed as a result of a suggestion from the President’s Working Group on Sexual Assault and Harassment committee report. Co-chaired by ASWU President Andrés Oswill and Director of Campus Safety and Card Services Ross Stout, the group consists of

Extended Thanksgiving break postponed to 2016            by Zane Sparling Saturday market madness    by Christine Smith Campo’s afraid of the dark by Shannon Sollitt No sleep til thesis    by Kate Piluso How we baited your clicks   

Over caffeinated By Kate Piluso Somehow, I keep finding myself drinking large caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon with complete disregard for my sleep schedule. You’d think I’d have learned the consequences of my actions by now, but each time that 3:38 p.m. lull hits me, I’m

By Marjorie Meeks Most people who know me would tell you I’m not an angry person. Exasperated? Probably. Frustrated? Usually. Loud? Painfully so. But not angry. Not the voice-raising, temper-flaring kind of angry that causes people you know to back away slowly and people you don’t know to side-eye you