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Discounts await WU students

Nick Sabatini,

Lifestyles Editor

Being a college student is by no means inexpensive. Whether it is books, food or housing, everything comes with a price tag. With this comes the importance of saving money. Fortunately, many businesses and companies acknowledge this fact and are willing to give discounts, and sometimes even free items, to students.

Some discounts are obvious. For example, the Willamette’s Hallie Ford Museum, which normally has $6 admission, is free to all WU students, faculty and staff. But other discounts are less obvious and are only known about by word of mouth. Many local restaurants, such as Krewe du Soul and Adam’s Ribs Smokehouse, offer a 10 percent discount to students. Additionally, SMART Transit in Wilsonville, OR, provides a discount for students under the age of 23 on lines 1X, 2X and 3X, according to their website. WU students can also get a subscription for The New York Times for free; normally a subscription costs $25 for every four weeks.

The discounts go beyond the Salem area. Many large corporations such as Amazon provide student discounts for their services. Amazon gives students a subscription to Prime at the price of $59 a year after a six-month free trial; this is reduced from their standard price of $119. Amazon Prime provides benefits such free two-day shipping and same-day delivery in eligible areas as well as unlimited access to streaming television episodes and movies.

But the discounts don’t end there. Looking for a new computer? Apple provides discounts for MacBooks, iMacs and iPads, according to their website. Students can get the MacBook Air for $849, $150 less than the standard price of $999. Microsoft also offers $194 off the Surface Pro 3, as well as 10 percent off accessories, according to the website The Simple Dollar.

WU students can also get their hands on software that normally costs hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for free. Most may already know that Microsoft Office is free of charge for students, and along this comes one terabyte of free storage. But students can also get software by Autodesk for free. Autodesk provides a wide selection of products students can use, mostly notably AutoCAD, used by professionals for designing and drafting. Learning technical software can help students find a job after graduation. For example, art students can learn Maya by Autodesk to create three-dimensional artwork or animations. Autodesk software typically cost over $1000 a year, but students don’t have to pay a penny. Other software may not be free to students, but do offer discounts. For example, Adobe Creative Cloud is 60 percent off full price for students.

The Simple Dollar also provides an extensive list of companies that provide student discounts. According to the website, other notable companies that offer some form of a student discount are Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, FedEx, Burger King, Subway, Dairy Queen, Cinemark, Regal Cinemas, Dockers, Levi’s and many more. With a Student Advantage Card (membership costs $30 a year), students can also get discounts at Choice Hotels, Greyhound, Applebees, Office Depot and more.

Although being a students is expensive, students can take advantage of the many discounts that come with being a student. Take advantage of them, because you likely won’t be getting discounts again until you are a senior citizen.


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