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Goudy Commons to be awarded third Michelin Star

By Mason Kelliher
Staff Writer

The Café Bon Appetit executive chef announced yesterday that its world-famous dining hall, Goudy Commons, is going to be awarded its third Michelin star this March.

Goudy was the first university dining hall to be recognized by the prestigious French guide book, something Café Bon Appetit’s executive chef is very proud of.

“To be the first university to get a star, not to mention three, is absolutely incredible. It’s a dream come true. It was never really about the awards though, that’s not what gets me up in the morning. Honestly, I just love to see the kids smile as we give them healthy, delicious food. They love us. I mean, I can’t even remember the last time we got a complaint,” he said.

The head critic for the Michelin Food Guide said that one of the reasons Goudy was given a third star this year was because of its shift in focus. The eatery’s emphasis was no longer only on great food, but the whole dining experience.

When commenting on this change, she said, “Goudy has the perfect mix of classic university eating and contemporary dining. Students never have to wait in lines, each meal is made to order and, on many nights, the restaurant even stops providing diners with forks, instead making them use spoons. It’s something we’ve never seen before and we love it.”

Of course, it still comes down to the food, and with specialities like soggy lettuce and overcooked salmon, it is no wonder that visitors from around the globe are satisfying their appetites with a trip to Willamette’s own 3-star Michelin dining hall.



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