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Goudy works to improve after criticisms

By Dorian Grayson
Staff Writer

Over the years, Goudy Commons has faced criticism from students about their quality of food. Goudy breakfast and lunch have always been fine, and I love Goudy lunch during the weekdays when I have a wealth of tasty options to choose from, such as wraps, burritos, burgers, quesadillas or sandwiches.

When people complain about Goudy, it is typically about the All-You-Care-to-Eat meals: brunch on Saturdays and dinner most days. Those meals, due to the dynamics of a buffet, are presumably much harder to supply.Goudy’s pay- for- what- you- get meals are considered good quality, and now they are trying to find a way for that to translate into buffet meals.

The typical Goudy dinner last year involved two grill stations, with entrée meat and meatless options, a vegan station, a pizza station with up to six varieties of pizza, a soup station, a salad station, a dessert station and a beverage station. This set-up was intended to provide both consistency – with the same stations being available nightly – and variety – with each station changing their offerings from day to day.

In talking with some peers, they consistently expressed that, though Goudy offers a variety of dishes, the ingredients they use don’t change over time. Very often, for example, one of the grills will serve some flavor of white fish that always taste the same.

The main criticism, though, is that Goudy puts less effort in when things cost less meal points. As mentioned earlier, breakfasts and lunches are perfectly good, which has historically made dinner a disappointment.

“Dinner should get the best ingredients because the most people eat it,” Kyra Styner said.

In order to address criticism, Goudy management has instituted a few changes. Firstly, there is a new station at dinner: the pasta station. This station has multiple types of pasta — penne, bowtie, spaghetti, etc. — with a sauce or two and usually some sort of protein.

In other words, the pizza and pasta stations act as a floor for the quality of Goudy.

The second major change is a board dedicated to receiving and responding to comment cards. I noticed this immediately because my comment card campaign to bring back the lemonade was placed front and center. Since its unveiling, new comment cards have been featured and responded to, making student feedback feel validated.

“I’m impressed that Goudy seems to actually listen to comment cards,” Annie Mattson said.

Goudy has already made noticeable strides when it comes to providing a diverse range of options, such as consistently putting out vegan and vegetarian meals.

Though Goudy hasn’t changed much yet from last year, , the pasta station and Goudy’s openness to feedback have made students’ experiences better. The latter is much more important, though, as it means there will be more improvements to come as long as students are willing to be vocal about what they want fixed. Make sure your voice is heard. You can fill out a comment card at Goudy. Additionally, they’re currently requesting submissions for students’ favorite meals and student-created pizzas.



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