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Grant yourself an opportunity of further education

By Raquel Reynolds

Closing in on the fifth week of school, many students have found some rhythm around the mountainous of homework and never ending stress to turn their eyes to the future.  As summer quickly draws closer, many students may be looking for ways to expand upon their academic career. For most, this is an investigation for internships and related jobs, but there is also another learning opportunity: grants.

Whether for creative independent research or professional support of an undergraduate program, the opportunities are boundless. The use of a grant to benefit one’s interest may be a daunting task. Many have no idea where to start or what they should do. But fear not, grants are your friends and they’re here to help!

Grants are funds or products that are dispersed with no intent for repayment by a party. They are divided between internal and external sources. The internal grants are school sponsored, with a priority on Willamette student application, while external grants are open to the general public. External grants exist all year round with diverse focuses but generally also a more narrow focus on requirements.

Either way, the application for a grant is an involved process best not left until the last minute, unlike your homework. Below are some of the schools internal grants with upcoming due dates. Due to the diversity of external grants, it is advised the one educate for themselves on specifics.

You can find further information on Willamette website section:  “Willamette’s Student Academic Grants & Awards: Program List.”

Or, if further interested in any grants, contact your advisor or the Career Center for an appointment. So me due dates have already past but it is never too early to start thinking about next year.

Internal Grants with description quotes provided by Willamette’s Student Academic Grants & Awards.


Liberal Arts Research Collaborative (LARC 2.0):  
Due January prior to summer grant work.
“Program provides selected undergraduate students a collaborative research experience during the summer with faculty in the arts, humanities, or social sciences.”


Science Collaborative Research Program (SCRP):  
Due mid February.
“Program provides selected undergraduate students a collaborative research experience during the summer with faculty in the natural sciences.”


College Colloquium Student Research Grant:
Due February 12, 2018.
“Summer research or creative projects related to freshman colloquium. For Freshmen only.”


Shuchat Arts Fellowship Program (SAFP):
Due February 19, 2018.
“Program provides students in the arts an opportunity to develop their expertise through significant independent summer projects, working under the guidance of close faculty members.”


Due March 5, 2018.
“Summer Research/Creative projects for sophomores and juniors”


Due April 2, 2018.
“Summer research for rising seniors”


Student Centers Grant of Excellence:
Due date varies program to program.
“A variety of programs sponsored by the Centers of Academic Excellence”

Additional Grants at another webpage Willamette page for Internships Funds at Vocational Discernment which can be found at http://willamette.edu/offices/careers/students/voc_discern/grants/index.html.
These can be used specifically for assisting in accessing professional internships.


Catherine D. Lutz Fund:
Due May 1.
“Awarded to students from historically underrepresented groups and that have unmet financial need.”


Joseph and Rosanne Hoffman Fund:
Due May 8.
“Awarded to any full time junior or rising senior enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts who is working as an intern at a professional, for-profit business organization.”



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