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Intramurals weekly

By Dru Draper
Staff Writer

We got good news! The Winter Olympics have begun! Events should be streaming in Montag for your viewing pleasure throughout the events. Swing by and watch the world’s best athletes compete for gold!

Those athletes weren’t the only ones going for gold last week though; by gold we mean the coveted Intramural Champion t-shirt (that is actually worth more than a 24k gold leaf Olympic medal.) It was quite a week in the world of Willamette Intramural sports. We had a whole slate of competitive games that did not disappoint!

On Monday, the game between Chai Tea and Smokin’ Trees & Scorin’ 3s came down to the last seconds. Trees and threes came away with the win as the team clutched up to improve their record to 2-1.

On Tuesday, it was almost deja vu. Yomova’s Favorite and Pippin Aint Easy competed in a back and forth game. Yomova’s Favorite drilled a last second three to go up by one point. Originally, Pippin called timeout with three seconds left. The referee thought they had used all their timeouts for the half. But after conference with the Intramural Supervisor on site and the other referee, the scorers table put back a timeout. So, with three seconds left, Pippin got the ball back. They dribbled half way up the court and hucked up a half court shot … But, no cigar. Yomova’s held on.

Don’t forget to catch us at the activities fair this Tuesday. Also, ASP students, if you’re interested in leadership opportunities with the Intramural Department, we will be at your leadership fair on Wednesday. If you can’t make it, email us at <im-supervisors>.



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