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By Dru Draper
Staff Writer

Olympic Update:

As the Winter Games came to a close with the closing ceremonies this last Sunday. We are reminded of the power of athletics and sports. For three weeks, the world comes together to unify around sports. We don’t have to speak the same language, be from the same culture or have anything else in common. The ability for humanity to unite around a single activity every two years is one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. Not only is it entertainment for us, but helps us focus on our common humanity, one that desires to work hard and compete.

The United States came in fourth place in the medal count with 23 medals, behind Canada (29), Germany (31) and Norway (39). Our Ice Curling team brought home the gold on Saturday against Sweden, and yes… The Simpsons predicted this too.


Back to the regularly scheduled programming…

Intramural Basketball is wrapping up with the season this week as playoffs finish up with week.

On Monday, Sigma Apple Pi and Smokin’ Trees & Scoring 3’s advanced in the Coed Beginner league and will be squaring off on Wednesday for that coveted championship t-shirt.

Badminton is up and running this week now also! If you have some extra time on your hands, come down to Henkle in the evenings. It is a very fun sport to watch, if you have never done so!



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