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Intramurals weekly

By Dru Draper
Staff Writer

Well, everyone can relax now because the Patriots lost. Now that football season is over, the highest ranked sporting league that’s not on television is Willamette University Intramural 5 v 5 basketball.

The basketball season got off to a great start this last week with great competition. Thank you everyone who is signed up and came out to play. If you did not sign up for a team, it is not too late. Find someone with a team and ask to join, or if you don’t know anyone with a team, you can sign up as a free agent on IMleagues.com and get picked up by a team. If you chose the latter, shoot <im-supervisors> an email and we’ll get you hooked up!

For those who did not pay last week, make sure to bring your Student ID number so we can charge your student account. If you would rather pay using your debit card, we are now taking those! Bring it with you and a Intramural Supervisor will help you.

Highlights for this week came from the Scrubs in the CoEd Competitive league. They squared off against the Salem Globetrotters on Wednesday and walked away with a 20 point win. A close game on Thursday came from 907 Flying Illini and Nobody Likes Andrew. The game came down to just a six point spread as 907 gained the advantage in this one.

It looks like anyone’s league this year. After just one week it’s hard to say how they will turn out, but stay tuned to this column and we will bring you updates every week!




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