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Intramurals Weekly

By Dru Draper
Staff Writer

Winter Olympic Update!

The US is standing in 5th place in the medal count with 10 medals, as of Sunday. Norway leads the way with 26 medals! Nick Goepper won the silver-medal spot in ski slopestyle and John-Henry Krueger also won a surprise silver in the men’s 1000-meter ice skate. Make sure to swing by Montag throughout the day to keep up with the best athletes in the world. Lindsey Vonn (aka the world’s best female skier) didn’t medal in her first event, but has another chance to on Wednesday in the downhill race.

Anyways, back to IMs!

It’s the last week of basketball season. To make sure your team has the best chance to make it into the playoffs, make sure to come out this week and give it a team effort! Also, we do take into account sportsmanship scores, so make sure your having a great attitude out there and competing fairly! The competition has been great this year and we are all looking forward to the best of it with playoffs right around the corner. Come out and battle for the coveted t-shirt!

Make sure to sign up for badminton this week! Grab a friend and make a doubles team. Or, if you want to fly solo, make a singles team and get ready for a competitive season! Go to IMleagues.com and make a profile and team! This is one of our more popular sports so make sure to sign up soon!




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