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Intramurals weekly

By Dru Draper
Staff Writer

Baseball spring training has begun. That means we have three weeks until spring break and a little over a month and a half until summer break. Keep fighting the good fight and studying hard, you are almost there!

Last week, we finished up our 5v5 basketball leagues. It was a very competitive and fun season. Thank you all for participating and making it great!

In the co-ed competitive league, we saw the winning story of an underdog you could make a movie about. After a rough regular seasongoing 1-5, the Net Prophets were able to pull out a win over the Salem Globetrotters in the championship game to secure the coveted t-shirt.

In the co-ed beginner league, Sigma Apple Pie completed a perfect season, 7-0, to find themselves on top. They had quite the impressive season and bested Smokin’ Trees & Scorin’ Threes in the final.

In the men’s league, Yomova’s Favorite continued their dominate season by finishing 7-1. In a tight championship match-up they came out on top of 3’s Up by only two points.

Right now, we have our badminton league up and running. While we can’t add anymore teams, get ready for indoor soccer and volleyball. Registration started on Monday. Grab your friends and make a team on IMLeagues!



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