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Intramurals weekly

By Dru Draper & Rachel Fischer
Staff Writers

PLAYOFFS ARE HERE! Thank you to everyone that helped make this soccer and volleyball season special. Congratulations to the teams who made the playoffs! It’s going to be fun watching all the teams compete for the coveted T-shirt!

This year, we had some outstanding teams. Block Party finished the year strong with a record of six wins and one loss. They take on Justice is Served in this week’s Monday evening volleyball matchup. Another exciting game to watch will be when the  undefeated Rainbow take on the Game of Throw-Ins. The Throw-Ins had a competitive season with four draws. Let’s see if they can pull out the upset this week.  

On Tuesday night, the FC Iqballers will take on Strictly Business at 7 p.m. These teams are very evenly matched. So we are hoping for a good soccer game.

As the weather gets colder, so do tight muscles. Make sure to arrive a few minutes early to stretch out to avoid pulling muscles and injuries.

Also, make sure to sign up for 3v3 basketball and flag football on IMleagues.com. Rally your friends and start a team. These are some of the most popular sports so don’t miss out! If you haven’t made an account on IMleagues yet, it’s not too late.




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