Intramurals Weekly: Championship edition

Mar 16th, 2017 | By | Category: 2016-2017, Sports

By Rachel Fischer & Ibraheem Hafudo
Staff Writers

Last Thursday Henkle, Gym hosted the final round of games for 5v5 intramural basketball. Each league, coed beginner, coed competitive and the men’s, battled for the championship t-shirt. The men’s league championship game ended up being played by only 40 Ounce Bounce because there was a forfeit by the opposing team. Despite the absence of competition for the final game of the year, 40 Ounce Bounce split their team into two teams and proceeded to play.

The beginner’s league, on the other hand, engaged in an extremely competitive and close game with Dagron and Matt Third Revival matched up for the championship game. Throughout the season Dagron showed promise with two wins and only one loss in regular season. However, Dagron’s victories were won by a smaller margin than Matt Third Revival’s wins throughout the season. Matt Third Revival lost only one game during the season, due to a forfeit, and comfortably won their other matches. Dagron were expected to be the underdogs in the championship.

Dagron and Matt Third Revival played on different days during the regular season, so the championship game was the first time these two teams faced-off. Dagron took the lead early in the game and held off Matt Third Revival for the majority of the first half. They lost their lead and trailed until the final three minutes of the game, when sophomore captain Shay Hannigan-Luther began to close the gap. He scored and was fouled in the process and was awarded a free throw, which brought their team into the lead by one point, 29-28. He pulled his team further into the lead with another two points and then scored a three-pointer on the next play. Hannigan-Luther’s consecutive points were a huge contributor to Dagron’s victory by 35-28.

In the coed competitive league, Nothin’ But Net and Peaked In High School were the dominant teams all season. Right out of the gate, they both proved to be favorites to win it all. Had they not met in the regular season, they both would have ended with an undefeated record. However, when they did match up, Nothin’ But Net pulled off the win by a mere two points, securing the first seed and a first round bye going into the playoffs. The loss for Peaked In High School pushed them down to the third seed. Nevertheless, both teams continued dominating throughout the playoffs and forced a highly anticipated rematch in the final. This time around, Nothin’ But Net pushed ahead early and kept a healthy lead for the majority of the game. Although Nothin’ But Net suffered an injury in the latter part of the game, they were able to hold on to the lead and came out of the game as champions. Congratulations to all the teams for an amazing season.

With the conclusion of the 5v5 basketball leagues, new seasons are ready to begin. Indoor soccer and grass volleyball began earlier this week. Indoor soccer is a mini league, lasting only three weeks, while grass volleyball lasts five weeks. We hope to see many new and old faces there. #doitfortheshirt #dontretireplayintramurals

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