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Issue 25, 2017-2018



Discover Salem and leave the WU bubble

By Ryleigh Norgrove, Caitlin Forbes, and Kellen Bulger

Willamette University and the city of Salem go back historically far. Salem was founded in 1842, and just five years later in 1847 the now small, liberal arts school was established on State Street. In spite of the two having more than 150 years of history together, they have not… read more



Donation creates homeless shelter in Portland

by Natalie Roadarmel

Columbia CEO Tim Boyle has just announced that he will be donating $1.5 million towards a new homeless shelter in Portland. This shelter will hold 100 beds and will offer the homeless a place to eat, sleep, do laundry, bathe and have access to health and social services. It will be located under the Broadway Bridge, and… read more

SBAC plans discussed

by Quinlyn Manfull

Trump’s personal lawyer under investigation

by Sophie Smith

Budget cuts eliminate CSL director position
by Heather Pearson

ASWU Report
by Benjamin Love




Safe and sexy: critical thinking about consent

by Julia Di Simone

How do you define consent? How do you actually ask for and give consent in practice? At Salem’s Planned Parenthood in Willamette, students reflected on how the ideal model of consent doesn’t always play out in everyday life. Ann Krier, Planned Parenthood’s local community education and outreach coordinator, lead the workshop in the Hatfield room. Krier introduced… read more

April demands sexual assault awareness

by Madelyn Jones

WU theatre performs musical premiere

by Lauren Alexander

Finding the best music streaming service

by Jarod Todeschi

The toxicity of your household products

by Dorian Grayson




Bearcats get swept by NWC champion George Fox

by Jared Spohr

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.40.00 PM
Willamette used five hits and three Lewis & Clark errors to… read more

Willamette golf teams compete in the Spring Thaw

by Eric Del Prado

Bearcats get swept by NWC champion George Fox

by Dani Saunders

This week in sports

by Aaron Oda

Intramurals weekly

by Dru Draper



University health and epidemics

by Brett Youtsey

People at Willamette always complain about getting sick, but many do very little to prevent it. Much like kindergarten, college is a breeding ground for germs. Instead of…read more

Feminism and social capital at Willamette

by Ryleigh Norgrove

Trump’s latest anti-immigration scheme

by Sophie Smith

Understanding WU’s indigenous history

by Sophie Goodwin-Rice

Can Greek life forget its problematic past?

by Quinlyn Manfull



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