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Jazz Collective and Master Chorus to perform

Sanja Zelen

Staff Writer

Students on campus who enjoy music, concerts or watching performances will have multiple opportunities to watch Willamette University jazz and choral groups perform this upcoming week. Willamette’s Jazz Collective will be performing this Thursday, Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m. in Rogers Rehearsal Hall. The Master Chorus will be held in the Mary Stewart Rogers Center in Hudson Hall at 3 p.m. on both Saturday, Nov. 9 and Sunday, Nov. 10, performing songs of various styles and genres. 

Sean Flannery, Steward of the Jazz Collective, provided a preview for Thursday’s concert, which will feature both jazz ensembles and the Willamette Jazz Collective.

“There will be two short sets by jazz ensembles, and then the Willamette Jazz Collective will play five songs. There are a lot of talented students, a lot of senior leadership and good soloists playing some pretty challenging pieces,” Flannery said. 

Varying styles of songs will be performed at the concert by each group, featuring different student performances. 

“‘Tennessee Waltz’ by Bill Hullman is a very joyous, enthusiastic and high-energy piece. There’s an alto-saxophone solo feature called ‘Cyan Thread,’ featuring our junior alto-saxophonist Eamon Gover. It’s by a composer who’s a friend of mine. Her name is Jessika Smith. Jazz Collective also has a senior alto-saxophonist named Olivia Fields who actually has a broken bone in her hand and can’t play her instrument. She will be conducting one of our tunes called ‘The Happy Song.’ It’s written and composed by Bob Mintzer,” Flannery said.

The concert will also be welcoming former Willamette trumpet professor Paul Krueger, who will be a featured soloist at the concert.

Flannery is looking forward to having the band’s hard work displayed at the concert, and encourages students to come out to support.

“We have a lot of fun and work really hard. Rehearsals are fast-paced and intense. The members are learning a lot and having fun. I think it’s important [for WU students] to show up and enjoy an hour and a half of great music to see what your fellow students are doing,” Flannery said.

The weekend following the Jazz Collective concert will include two performances from the Willamette Master Chorus for Veteran’s Day. Dr. Paul Klemme, artist-associate in the music department at Willamette University, described the various pieces that the audience will get to enjoy: “The concert is in two distinct halves where we are featuring popular traditional music from different periods in American history. We will perform ‘Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story’ from the Broadway Musical ‘Hamilton.’ The second half of the program is a piece called ‘Requiem.’ It is composed by John Rutter. It will be sung in memory of those who died in Service and those who served and are no longer with us.”

The Master Chorus will be joined by an orchestra and a local High School Honor Choir of 40 students. 

“[‘Requiem’] will be with Orchestra and our soprano soloist, Joannah Ball. She is an artist-associate in the music department at Willamette. The High School Honor Choir is made up of four students from every high school in Salem, plus Dallas, Silverton and Stayton. These 40 high school students are going to join the Master Chorus in ‘Requiem’ and perform a separate piece from ‘Hamilton’ by themselves,” Klemme said.

In total, there will be 120 singers on stage, joined by an orchestra of 30 members and the soprano soloist. 

Dr. Paul Klemme reflected on his experience with the Master Chorus, which has been at Willamette for 35 years: “This group comes from all walks of life. They are auditioned community members, Willamette alumni and Willamette students. It is a great privilege and honor to direct such a fine group and guide them through a desire to sing and share their talent.”

Tickets for either day of the Master Chorus can be purchased at www.willametttemasterchorus.org or at the door on the afternoons of the concerts. The Jazz Collective is a free concert. Both are open to the public and recommended for students wishing to support their classmates and community members.


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