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Letter to the editor

By Jade Aguilar
VP for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion & University Title IX Coordinator

Dear Collegian Editorial Team,

As many of you already know, this semester I have taken on the role of Willamette University’s official Title IX coordinator. Willamette’s compliance with and coordination of Title IX laws, regulations and policies are a critical part of how we create a safe and supportive campus for all. Willamette has detailed procedures set forth to address Title IX issues and reports of behavioral or sexual misconduct and to protect and care for survivors of assault.

These processes, outlined on our website, are crucial in protecting our safety and outlining our rights and responsibilities as members of this learning community. In a note to staff and faculty yesterday, I invited everyone to review and remind themselves of our policies and our responsibilities as required reporters. In addition, our staff who participate in the review process and address these issues have received an extensive amount of training. Also, the confidentiality associated with these investigations is critical in assuring that these matters are handled in a thoughtful and thorough manner and to maintain the integrity of the process.

As part of Willamette’s policies on admission and conduct, a process begins as soon as we are made aware of a situation or issue. In admissions, specifically, information disclosed on an application is reviewed to determine if an applicant can safely become a member of our community. If different or new information is disclosed or discovered after admission, a process occurs in a similar manner to any other conduct review process.

It is important to reiterate that for any case, investigations actively seek all information available, which is then reviewed and considered as part of the conduct review process. Because of federal privacy laws, details on specific cases cannot be shared or discussed to protect confidentiality and privacy of all parties involved.

Willamette is fully committed to addressing allegations of behavioral and sexual misconduct – and it is our collective responsibility to create a safe and respectful campus environment free from harassment and gender-based violence. If you are in need of support, please remember that there are resources available on campus: willamette.edu/notalone/resources.


Jade Aguilar
Vice President for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
University Title IX Coordinator


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