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Letter to the editor

To whom it may concern,

I have read your recent article pertaining to the sexual assault case brought up against the transfer student.

To begin, this is a fellow student that you are outing without his permission. I completely understand that the female in this scenario approached you to discuss this situation, but it is just as much his business as it is hers, and you have no right to publicize this in the way that you did. You are putting a pin point on him in a way that you wouldn’t want whether you were in either of their positions.

That being said, you (or the writers) at the end of the article basically said that this student should not be allowed to attend this university, and by default no university. As per the article, he apologized immediately following the incident, knowing what he did was wrong.

He took the punishment of one year suspension, and then to top it off he transferred schools to make it easier on her so that she didn’t have to see him. I want to be clear that I am NO way justifying his actions. But, what you are implying in this article is that due to his actions he, as a human being, should not being able to have an upper education. You and the entire staff of this paper, do not carry the right to make that decision. He has suffered the consequences of his actions and will face the repercussions for the rest of his life, but deciding how he should go about the rest of his life starting with what school he goes to is not anyone’s choice but his own.

If you have further questions, please contact me.


-Jaylee Walter

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