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Letter to the Editor

My name is Sarah Deumling. With my family I am the owner of the Zena Forest. In the Oct. 16 edition, the Collegian published Sanja Zellen wrote an article about Zena Fest. At least three times it referred to the University’s forest property as Zena Forest. This is incorrect. The Deumling family is the owner of Zena Forest, which is the 1,300 acres of forest adjacent to Willamette’s property. We have had this name since the 1980s and it is important to our business identity as we try to make a living from our forest (Zena Forest LLC) and hardwood sawmill (Zena Forest Products). These two properties, Willamette’s and ours, were once a single property but when the conservation easement was finalized in 2008, Willamette purchased 305 acres. We have had a fine and rewarding relationship with Willamette since then but the understanding was then, and is now, that we are the “Zena Forest” and Willamette is not to refer to their property as such. It can become very confusing for our customers and, after all, that name is registered with the state for us. I hope this clears things up a bit.


Sarah Deumling

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