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Lifestyles, 2014-2015

ISSUE 26 | 4/29/15

Bearcat Bullet: Salem summer survival guide
by Juliana Cohen

I believe in crystal skulls
   by Lyra Kuhn

The Shakes shimmer, ripple
   by Teddy Wu

Beta Theta why
   by Westy Summerton

WU: a study abroad destination
   by Paulina Ludwig

ISSUE 25 | 4/22/15

Bearcat Bullet: Profs need fresh air, too
   by Juliana Cohen

Turning Everclear into dust
   by Robin Thorson

Ferris Bueller goes to Coachella
   by Emily Thimesch

Ditching autotune, a student sings of death, disability
by Teddy Wu

Glance into Natalie Pate’s novella ‘Choice’
   by Natalie Pate

ISSUE 24 | 4/15/15

Saturday morning fever
   by Christine Smith

Bearcat Bullet: Baby-phobia
   by Juliana Cohen

Mourning Death Cab for Cutie
   by Teddy Wu

Chapbooks are better than Netflix
   by Ross Kovac

8 signs that you’re living in a YA dystopian novel
by Lyra Kuhn

Mellow out with ‘Mini Metro’
   by Chris Morton

ISSUE 23 | 4/8/15

Undercover on the student tour
   by Sam Hilburn

Bearcat Bullet: Please forget
   by Juliana Cohen

Kendrick on my mind
   by Hyakub Herring

Mertens mixes business, pleasure at SXSW
   by Juliana Cohen

Chew crickets, live sustainably
   by Iris Dowd

Glee gets canceled, leaves behind TV legacy
   by Andrea Risolo

ISSUE 22 | 3/18/15

Bearcat Bullet: Don’t fear the spoiler
   by Juliana Cohen

Former hipster crushes hopes, dreams
   by Zane Sparling

Taking a razor to old habits
   by Bianca Dancy

Yassou Benedict rocks Bistro
   by Teddy Wu

Women bare all, combat sexism on herself.com
by Danielle Raskin

ISSUE 21 | 3/11/15

Bearcat Bullet: I can smell your transfer
   by Juliana Cohen

Parks in Salem: not wrecked
   by Annika Hagelin

No ghost zone
   by Teddy Wu

Kelly Clarkson croons on “Piece by Piece”
   by Lyra Kuhn

Patty’s Off-Center hits brunch bull’s-eye
   by Travis Wilson

ISSUE 20 | 3/4/15

Bearcat Bullet: Mafia matriarchy
   by Juliana Cohen

Cat shelter has feels, sweet deals
   by Andrea Risolo

Cherry City’s laugh factory
   by Sam Hilburn

Duo THEESatisfaction makes stellar moves
   by Teddy Wu

These authors feel your pain
   by Lyra Kuhn

ISSUE 19 | 2/25/15

50 shades of dismay
   by Elize Manoukian

Bearcat Bullet: Worn-out questions
   by Juliana Cohen

Don’t call me a townie
   by Kellen Friedrich

Joey Bada$$: Still young, hungry
   by Will Falvey

Vintage photos capture Salem’s past
   by Ross Kovac

ISSUE 18 | 2/18/15

Gayle’s: almost too gourmet
   by Adam Lacanilao

My kind of morsels
   by Juliana Cohen

‘Honeybear’ tackles matters of matrimony
   by Garrett Ross

‘Saul’: no meth, plenty of drama
   by Rachel Bedolla

Sex club wants conversations, change
   by Shannon Sollitt

ISSUE 17 | 2/11/15

Supporting Bruce Jenner
   by Iris Dowd

Dylan puts a twist on Sinatra’s classics
   by Teddy Wu

Archive: coffee by day…
   by Andrea Risolo

Bearcat Bullet: Brian’s so-called life
   by Juliana Cohen

‘A Most Violent Year’ shows underrated grit
by Mark Andreoni

ISSUE 16 | 2/4/15

(ex)change artfully tackles social unrest
   by Ross Kovac

Who is the cross-dressing mormon?
   by Elize Manoukian

Joker Marc Maron knows how to rip himself apart
by Sam Hilburn

Bearcat Bullet: My pigsty makes me cry
   by Juliana Cohen

Nicki Minaj topples the hip-hop patriarchy
by Shayna Weimer

ISSUE 15 | 1/28/15

Downtown gets sweeter
   by Christine Smith

Who’s the boss of me now?
   by Zane Sparling

Bearcat Bullet: Stop laughing at obesity
   by Juliana Cohen

Panda Bear: no longer hibernating
   by Teddy Wu

“Selma” revisits dark realities
   by Arianna Woicekowski

ISSUE 14 | 12/3/14

Golazo gives you wings
   by Juliana Cohen

Ariel Pink’s hi-fi exhibits exuberance
   by Teddy Wu

Bringing back the yo-yo
   by Brendan McGinnis

Thanksgiving at Denny’s
   by Andrea Risolo

We pledge allegiance to Young Thug
by Will Falvey and Steven Rodriguez

ISSUE 13 | 11/19/14

Bearcat Bullet: Too soon?
   by Juliana Cohen

Big K.R.I.T. shines a light on Southern rap
   by Will Falvey

Sustainability in the bathroom
   by Iris Dowd

Reality TV from a British perspective
   by Molly Drummond

Taking George Takei at face value
   by Sam Hilburn

ISSUE 12 | 11/12/14

Ace of Fades: A cut above others
   by Joseph Jackson

Dear Superego: Existential advice
   by Jonny Saunders

Authors’s speech digs into childhood
   by Chris Ketchum

Bearcat Bullet: It’s my face; deal with it
   by Juliana Cohen

Better Than Mama’s tweaks casual snacking
   by Andrea Risolc

Cathode: Time to retire Calvin Harris’ cheesy EDM formula
   by Wyatt Johnson and Eric Wright

ISSUE 11 | 11/5/14

Bearcat Bullet: What’s my age again?
   by Juliana Cohen

Delete your email signature
   by Zane Sparling

Fury: Same war, new tone
   by Ian Sieg

Mind Spa serves as cramped oasis
   by Christine Smith

No more growing pains for Taylor Swift
   by Teddy Wu

ISSUE 10 | 10/29/14

‘Beyond Earth’ far from game changer
   by Christopher Morton

Why I stopped caring about Lena Dunham
   by Jamie Ervin

Bearcat Bullet: Rummaging for rubbish
   by Juliana Cohen

Run the Jewels: A lyrical goldmine
   by Teddy Wu

The most approachable DJs on campus
   by Christine Smith

ISSUE 9 | 10/22/14

Bearcat Bullet: We are all born alone
   by Juliana Cohen

Foxygen uncovers old sounds
   by Teddy Wu

Style Crush: Aubrey Kendall
   by Shira Rothman

Untamed flavor at Wild Pineapple
   by Gordie Clary

‘Mulaney’ just isn’t Jerry
   by Sam Hilburn

ISSUE 8 | 10/15/14

Bearcat Bullet: Not that kind of atheist
   by Juliana Cohen

Parents will laugh at anything
   by Sam Hilburn

Pizza wars: The quest for cheesy ecstasy
   by Andrea Risolo

Vince Staples paints a violent reality
   by Will Falvey

‘Gone Girl’ turns matrimony on its head
   by Ian Sieg


Bearcat Bullet: I am a cat
   by Juliana Cohen

Flying Lotus makes death appealing
   by Teddy Wu

L.B. fuses Jane Austen on YouTube
   by Alex Wallace

Missing MySpace music
   by Andrew Mell

The quilts are not what they seem
   by Lance Rossi


Bearcat Bullet: Ello? Just say goodbye
   by Juliana Cohen

Guest poet’s work recalls violence of assimilation
   by Chris Ketchum

Salem Earth Fair inspires global citizens
   by Christine Smith

True North: Close to home

‘Tusk’ takes body modification to task
   by Juliana Cohen

‘Tyranny’ gets down and dirty
   by Teddy Wu


‘Maze Runner’ hits anticlimatic wall    by Ian Sieg

To care about pubic hair    by Emma Jonas

Bearcat Bullet: FOMO? Just don’t go    by Juliana Cohen

Old folks concur: You should go to Sybil’s    by Gordie Clary

Russell Brand breaks YouTube    by Alex Wallace

Who’s ‘loyal’ to Chris Brown?    by Ian Rosenzweig


Classroom improv: Not the best stage    by Juliana Cohen

Death From Above 1979 rains hellfire with new LP   
by Teddy Wu

We could all use a return to ‘Boyhood’    by Ian Sieg

Crêpe Café tastes better than abroad    by Christine Smith

Trying out the ‘Yak’ app    by Adam Lacanilao

ISSUE 1 | 8/27/14

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ sets standard for space thrillers
   by Alison Hsiao


Chill at the Bistro without ruining everything

Eschewing new ideas, a sequel cops out in hopes of cashing in

ASWU and you: A guide

On break, it’s freshman year all over

Lessons of a concussion

Nobody’s smiling, but an artist won’t stay silent

Need a ride? New app will get you there, for a price

Bearcat Bullet: Don’t judge a school by its memes

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