ISSUE 9 | 10/22/14

Bearcat Bullet: We are all born alone
   by Juliana Cohen

Foxygen uncovers old sounds
   by Teddy Wu

Style Crush: Aubrey Kendall
   by Shira Rothman

Untamed flavor at Wild Pineapple
   by Gordie Clary

‘Mulaney’ just isn’t Jerry
   by Sam Hilburn

ISSUE 8 | 10/15/14

Bearcat Bullet: Not that kind of atheist
   by Juliana Cohen

Parents will laugh at anything
   by Sam Hilburn

Pizza wars: The quest for cheesy ecstasy
   by Andrea Risolo

Vince Staples paints a violent reality
   by Will Falvey

‘Gone Girl’ turns matrimony on its head
   by Ian Sieg


Bearcat Bullet: I am a cat
   by Juliana Cohen

Flying Lotus makes death appealing
   by Teddy Wu

L.B. fuses Jane Austen on YouTube
   by Alex Wallace

Missing MySpace music
   by Andrew Mell

The quilts are not what they seem
   by Lance Rossi


Bearcat Bullet: Ello? Just say goodbye
   by Juliana Cohen

Guest poet’s work recalls violence of assimilation
   by Chris Ketchum

Salem Earth Fair inspires global citizens
   by Christine Smith

True North: Close to home

‘Tusk’ takes body modification to task
   by Juliana Cohen

‘Tyranny’ gets down and dirty
   by Teddy Wu


‘Maze Runner’ hits anticlimatic wall    by Ian Sieg

To care about pubic hair    by Emma Jonas

Bearcat Bullet: FOMO? Just don’t go    by Juliana Cohen

Old folks concur: You should go to Sybil’s    by Gordie Clary

Russell Brand breaks YouTube    by Alex Wallace

Who’s ‘loyal’ to Chris Brown?    by Ian Rosenzweig


Classroom improv: Not the best stage    by Juliana Cohen

Death From Above 1979 rains hellfire with new LP    by Teddy Wu

We could all use a return to ‘Boyhood’    by Ian Sieg

Crêpe Café tastes better than abroad    by Christine Smith

Trying out the ‘Yak’ app    by Adam Lacanilao


Chill at the Bistro without ruining everything

Eschewing new ideas, a sequel cops out in hopes of cashing in

ASWU and you: A guide

On break, it’s freshman year all over

Lessons of a concussion

Nobody’s smiling, but an artist won’t stay silent

Need a ride? New app will get you there, for a price

Bearcat Bullet: Don’t judge a school by its memes

Spring 2014

Wulapalooza brings whimsy and fun, despite rain

Ralph Fiennes shines in Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

Sup’s Electronic Dance Music Opera sends music department on psychedelic journey

President Tafts’s Playlist

Bearcat Bullet: That’s all, folks

Ranch Records: An introvert’s paradise

What to know about the bands and artists performing at Wulapalooza this Saturday

Guide to Portland’s best eateries on a college student’s budget

Style Crush: Christian Oldham

Eulogy for Internet Explorer 6/a>

Bearcat Bullet: Let’s go streaking through the Quad

April Fool’s Edition

New restaurant Wretched Refuse pays you to eat there

Bistro to become cat cafe, fluffy kittens will abound

Salinger’s ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ slated to hit the big screen in 2015

New episodes of ‘CatDog,’ ‘Hey Arnold!’ and more to return to Nickelodeon next fall

Bearcat Bullet: Quiet study floor now actually quiet

New Skrillex album ‘Recess’ revitalizes dubstep

Fill your belly with a hearty one-bowl meal at Super Pho

Support Salem’s local music scene by checking out all ages shows

Trust more emotionally complex with sophomore album, ‘Joyland’

Style Crush: Natasha Parekh”

ESCAPE: Satisfy your sweet tooth at Sugar. Sugar. and Candy Tyme

Bearcat Bullet: Guide to spring break in Salem

Surprises abound in ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’

Remote house hunting doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Tycho Brahe’s Playlist

Feast with Friends and fish from Fitts

Pharrel steps out of the shadows with ‘G I R L,’ falls flat

Bearcat Bullet: Transitioning from a major metropolis to a small city

Buzzfeed Quizzes

The Grouch & Eligh

Restaurant: Johnathan’s

Style Crush: Yeezy

Escape: Wine & cheese tastings in Willamette Valley

Bullet: Mindfulness Meditation