ISSUE 15 | 1/28/15

200 go ‘Into the Streets’
   by Katie Dobbs

ASWU investigates meal plan costs
   by Rachael Decker

University sets $100M goal for endowment fundraiser

      by Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale

FC makes hiring recommendation
   by Emily Hoard

ISSUE 14 | 12/3/14

Hazy future for weed
   by Katie Dobbs

Juniors and seniors elect senators
   by Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale

No home for the holidays
   by Alyssa Milstead

Russell takes over treasury
   by Emily Hoard

ISSUE 13 | 11/19/14

Haseldorf’s future still in question
   by Alyssa Milstead

Student arrested on murder charge
        by Bronte Dod and Zane Sparling

Dean talks to ASWU on 3-year housing
   by Katie Dobbs

Students voice input on faculty hiring
        by Emily Hoard and Joseph Linblom-Masuwale

ISSUE 12 | 11/12/14

3.5 percent tuition increase expected
   by Maximilian Nohr

Back on Campus?
   by Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale

Bishop begins audit
   by Alyssa Milstead

Veracity showcases growing dept.
   by Emily Hoard

WEMS stages response to catastrophe
   by Katie Dobbs

‘Humor is a great, powerful weapon’
   by Bronte Dod

ISSUE 11 | 11/5/14

Bishop opens Mind Spa
   by Alyssa Milstead

‘Late Night’ losing patrons, profits
   by Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale

Food forum, not fight
   by Katie Dobbs

Squirrels’ home at risk
   by Maximilian Nohr

ASWU may tap endowment
   by Emily Hoard

ISSUE 10 | 10/29/14

Speaker wants ‘yes’ on 88
   by Alyssa Milstead

University releases Working Group update
   by Zane Sparling

20% vote in election
   by Emily Hoard and Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale

Beta’s back: Fifth fraternity reorganizes
   by Bronte Dod

Injury drill planned
   by Katie Dobbs

ISSUE 9 | 10/22/14

ASWU debt at $45k
   by Bronte Dod

Ex-employee sues for $760,000
   by Emily Hoard

Meet the candidates for ASWU treasurer
   by Katie Dobbs

‘Box Marked Black’ performance sells out
   by Alyssa Milstead

ISSUE 8 | 10/15/14

Clery report released
   by Katie Dobbs

‘A huge problem’
   by Zane Sparling

Late night numbers drop
   by Alyssa Milstead

Math dept. builds global project
   by Maximilian Nohr

Smaldone earns Whipple Chair
   by Emily Hoard


Debt keeps growing; Loans average $28k
   by Emily Hoard

ASWU Sound gives free services to students
   by Alyssa Milstead

Green Fee raises $40,000
   by Maximilian Nohr

WEB collects 27% of student fees
   by Katie Dobbs


ASWU senators elect 2014-2015 class whips
   by Emily Hoard

Fourth sorority works to reorganize
   by Bronte Dod

NW5C: Scholastic collaboration
   by Katie Dobbs

Rubens will remain
   by Emily Hoard

Sex, alcohol and Opening Days
   by Alyssa Milstead


Adam Stennett ‘94 ‘kept making art’    by Katie Dobbs

$18k unaccounted, ASWU pays off previous debt    by Bronte Dod

Best in Oregon University ranking released    by Emily Hoard and Sam Chalekian

‘Top Girls’ debuts on Friday    by Alyssa Milstead

History hiding in plain sight    by Jessica Meza-Torres


Ricardo discovers a Rubens    by Emily Hoard

After legal issues, WU Wire plays again    by Sam Chalekian

Helping students find direction    by Alyssa Milstead

Students fight food waste    by Katie Dobbs

In Media Res: Continuing coverage of last semester’s news

Rather than study, going on a LARC


Dear Blitz: Advice to the incoming class

Spring 2014

Relocation shuffle planned for administrative departments

Performance of mid-April Dream to come true

Michael Beseda prefers peanut M&M’s

Bearcats pass Green Fee, elect 15

‘Shut up dad, I won a Fulbright.’

Switchboard makes students an offer they can’t refuse

Heuser hangs up sociology

April Fool’s Edition

Key Change: door policy revoked

Willamette to ban smoking, drinking, eating and speaking on campus

New Goudy app good for quick eats

University to welcome class of 2018 with gold, intellectual respect

Future Doney Hall residents to receive sex-neutral bathrooms

Edible literature attracts Bearcat bookworms

Words by them: outsider art, inside

King prepares for final performance

Uprising in Kiev

Sextival arouses student interest

Katz: ‘No single solution to violence against women’

Wendy Willis, and her transition from Bearcat to Bear-poet

Willamette Monologues

MBA Preview

TIUA Tutor Recruitment

Bible lecture