ISSUE 13 | 12/7/16

Gender binary irrelevant within modern society

by Jacqueline Mckenna

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It is 2016, and in the United States, at the very least, we are arguably living in a futuristic world.Most people carry hand-sized supercomputers around in their pockets on the daily. Hoverboards were all the rage until we realized how douchey they are… read more

‘Gilmore Girls’ reboot reveals privileged Rory’s flaws

by Madison Brown

Peace out, Willamette: Got to burst the Bubble sometime
by Andrea Risolo

Sex binary is based in biological and scientific fact

by Niko Morozov

Sexual assault made palatable

by By Ariadne Wolf


ISSUE 12 | 11/30/16

Gluttonous holidays

by Calista Whitney

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.47.11 PM
Why are holidays centered around food? The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I find myself wondering why each holiday is associated with a specific kind of meal… read more

Post election survival guide

by Quinlyn Manfull

Russia is Western ally in the war against terrorism

by Philip Amur

Subtext bites: The pitfalls of dishonesty in realtionships

by Ariadne Wolf

Supporting the value of nonviolent resistance

by Calista Whitney


ISSUE 11 | 11/16/16

I will not support the president-elect, and you don’t have to either

by Jessica Weiss

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.47.11 PM
Tuesday night began a cycle of what we should have known quite too well, and what those who have come before us sadly do know well… read more

Locker room talk reflects reality of sexist privilege

by Jessica Weiss

California death penalty reinstated

by Ariadne Wolf

An American lament and farewell

by Dorian Grayson


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