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Pizza wars: The quest for cheesy ecstasy

By Andrea Risolo

Does bad pizza exist? Of course not. But after pitting Padington’s and Odd Moe’s in a taste test battle to the death, I learned the difference between decent pizza and superior pizza.

As a faithful disciple of downtown Salem’s Straight from New York since my freshman year, I decided to finally branch out in my continuing pizza education.

With Yelp as my guide, I found two pizza parlors in South Salem, a neighborhood slightly off the beaten path for Willamette students.

Both Padington’s and Odd Moe’s offer delivery (a valuable tool for college kids without access to a car) as well as a wide variety of toppings. I decided to stick with classic, uncomplicated cheese at both restaurants.

I made a foolish decision and ignored the dollar sign rating on Yelp for Padington’s ($$), as the most remarkable thing about the parlor lies in the ridiculous price of their pizza.

My small (read: minuscule) cheese pizza cost just upwards of $9. To add insult to financial injury, it looked like something that had been reheated in a microwave, with chewy cheese and bland crust. Luckily, my order was ready when I arrived to pick it up, so I got to be disappointed as soon as I got there.

I might as well have gone to Little Caesars for an equally mediocre pizza at half the price, and then purchased another to drown my pizza-related sorrows.

Odd Moe’s came out on top in this battle, with good pizza and great service. I ordered a large pizza for only $1 more than Padington’s tiny pie. Since my friends and I chose pick up rather than delivery, we also got a free two-liter soda—wholly unhealthy and yet completely delicious.

Unlike Padington’s rubbery cheese, Odd Moe’s pizza tasted fresh, with sauce that wasn’t too sweet and a nice, fluffy crust. The reasonable price also made the already superior pizza taste that much better. My wallet thanks you, Odd Moe.

If you need a group order, I recommend Odd Moe’s for both taste and price.

For a solo meal, scrap both: Odd Moe’s doesn’t offer a small pizza, and Padington’s falls short in all areas.

While I found a clear winner in this taste test battle, neither Padington’s nor Odd Moe’s made me cry the sweet, sweet tears of ecstasy that comes with a truly sublime pizza. Thus, it appears that my quest for the best pizza in Salem continues.

It is quite a sacrifice, but I do it for you, Willamette. You’re welcome.

Keep on munching.


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