Style Crush: Natasha Parekh

Mar 19th, 2014 | By | Category: Lifestyles

By Miles Sari

Sophomore rhetoric and media studies and politics major Natasha Parekh said her biggest fashion faux pas was when she owned several pairs of zip off convertible pants in middle school.

“I had red a red pair, an army print pair, a khaki pair – I used to love them. I thought they were so cool,” Parekh said.

Since her days of adolescent fashion disasters, Parekh’s style has transformed from drab and frumpy to chic and sophisticated. As a student who is always on the move with classes, dance rehearsals for Willamette Dance Company and her internship at the Capitol, Parekh has found the perfect balance of unique and elegant garments that are both functional and trendy.

Drawing her fashion inspiration from both fashion blogs and her cultural roots, Parekh’s cosmopolitan wardrobe has us green with envy in this week’s Style Crush spread.

Collegian: What influences your style?
Natasha Parkeh: I grew up in a flamboyant Indian household, so I gravitate toward Indian prints – things like bright colors, fabrics, etc. I’m also from Orange County; Southern California has a distinct fashion personality that has stuck with me.

C: Describe your style in three words or four words.
NP: Sophisticated, hippie chick, chic.

C: Has your style evolved since you’ve been at Willamette?
NP: Absolutely! It was a struggle learning how to layer. I’m from Southern California, so I never used to worry about going out and being cold.

C: What’s the one article of clothing in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?
NP: A blazer.

C: Do you accessorize much?
NP: Yes! I love jewelry. I go for simple stuff, but sometimes my Indian side comes out and I splurge on something crazy and unique.

C: Do you prefer heels or flats?
NP: Heels. I have so many shoes; on campus I have probably 20 pairs, and at home I probably have 45 pairs of shoes. Last summer, I worked 40 hours a week in the courtroom, and the judge forced us to wear heels; he was really strict. I tried for the first few weeks to be cute and wear my favorite heels, but it just didn’t last. My feet couldn’t take it.

C: Do you read any fashion magazines?
NP: I like following fashion blogs. There are a lot of cool blogs on fashion and feminism. Fashion kind of takes a back door when working at the Capitol, and I need inspiration for looking professional in the workplace while still having my own style.

C: What was the last piece of clothing you bought and why?
NP: I bought a black dress. It was appropriate enough for work, but it didn’t make me look like an old lady. It had really nice fabric, covered my knees, with a high neck and a long hemline. Check.

C: Do you have any personal styling tricks?
NP: The first thing that I always think about is function and sustainability. After trying to be cute in Oregon, I realized that being functional is more important. I pay attention to fitting, which clothes are more flattering to my body. Cuts are really important. Then I add a unique accessory to differentiate the outfit and bring color to it.

C: Any fashion advice for other students?
NP: At Willamette, we have such a comfortable, accepting environment. It’s really a place where you can try things out and people will still think you’re looking awesome. Just go for it and experiment.

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