Support Salem’s local music scene by checking out all ages shows

Mar 19th, 2014 | By | Category: Lifestyles

By Christine Smith

Weekends can become repetitive when we consistently limit ourselves to events offered on campus.

Salem is often perceived as a sleepy town, but the weekends are alive with shows put on at our local venues.

Friday and Saturday evenings are dotted with multiple displays of talent at venues like the Level B Theater Pub. This venue seats 150 people and hosts a variety of CD releases and artist showcases, as well as cult classic movie screenings, with an emphasis on the works of locals.

On Saturday, March 8, artists performed acoustic sets as part of Aural Pleasure—a concert series at Level B. Connor Johnson, Dashiell House, Alex Curtis, Brette and Blake, Andrew Morgan and I am a Zombie, showcased their musical abilities, hoping to receive the most votes from the audience in order to play at another show in the future.

The audience was sparse, which was disappointing, but that did not dampen the atmosphere or the performances.

The music ranged from soft feel-good music by Connor, to the indie pop-rock melodies of Brette and Blake and the more intense rock-esque tunes by Dashiell. What brings all these musicians together is the passion they share. Some are in high school; some have other jobs on the side. For some, music is their entire life.

Andrew Morgan is one-half of the talented duo that is Sleeperface, but he performed as a solo act at this event. I could not sum up his skills better than by affirming my friend’s exclamation, “Andrew is going to be huge someday!” The audience agreed, giving him the most votes of the night, which means he will be playing in Sleeperface on April 19 with Connor Johnson, The Lowest Pair and The Dead Pigeons.

The next music show at Level B is on March 29, featuring The Falcon, The Wails and Jack Gloe.

In addition to Level B, the Ike Box and The Nest often put on all ages shows on the weekends. They do their best to branch out and round up bands from all over Oregon. These shows are usually only around $5, and they are way better than a typical Friday night.

I make a point to attend as many local shows as I can, which has led to me seeing many of the same faces around town. It has been a blast branching out and meeting the local artists.

Salem has its own music culture that is worth checking out. So, try something new, look for posters around town, campus and local shops, and go to a concert! Salem’s musicians are producing music that is well worth a listen.

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