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This week in sports

By Aaron Oda
Staff Writer

This week in sports saw some intense things happened.  intense drama, intense streaks and intense story lines to follow in the last series of the year.  



The NBA season has started and there has already been some drama.  On opening night the Chicago Bulls’ had a fight amongst teammates that resulted in one of them suffering a concussion and multiple bones broken.  This injury is going to hold him out for an estimated four to six weeks and the punching player suspended for eight games.  Also the defending, cheat code playing Golden State Warriors currently have a record of 1-2 and find themselves in 9th place in the Western Conference.  This horrible start to the season will only be a blimp on the radar when the Warriors should be hoisting the NBA championship trophy.

Also, if you haven’t heard of Lonzo Ball yet, just google his name and his loud-mouthed dad Lavar Ball for a sports version of the Kardashian Family.  Just a couple of games into the NBA season and it has already been filled with middle school level drama.  



This weekend we got the winners of our two leagues.  The American League was won by the Houston Astros by beating the New York Yankees in a seven game series.  An interesting story line with the Astros’ four games away from winning the World Series is that this prediction was made on the front cover of a Sports Illustrated back in 2014.  In that 2014 season, the Astros finished with a record of 70-92 ,so the prediction seemed like a stretch at the time but the Astros finished with 101-62 and a chance to win the World Series.

In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers were able to defeat the defending champion Chicago Cubs in only five games.  They have not won a championship since 1988 which  is a long streak for a team located in a city with a high standard of winning.  The Dodgers were able to put together one of the best regular seasons in history, having multiple 20 game winning streaks. But can they finish strong? The World Series starts Tuesday and it is a must watch TV.



Defense was the name of the game this week in the NFL.  Two teams got shut out on Sunday and it effectively ended their ridiculously long consecutive games getting on the scoreboard.  The Los Angeles Chargers ended the Denver Broncos streak of 394 straight games on the scoreboard on Sunday winning,  21-0.   This last happened to the Denver Broncos in the 1992 season.  This was the more surprising of the two shut outs because the Chargers were 2-4 going into the matchup and the defense just plainly showed up to play.  The offense was also playing well enough to keep the offense off the field and give them much needed rests in between drives.  The Jacksonville Jaguars shut out the Indianapolis Colts, ending their 375 game scoring streak, winning 27-0.  This streak dates back to the  1993 season.

The Jaguars’ defense is playing like its mascot this season: ferocious, fast and mean.  New quarterback Jacoby Brissett had really no time to pass all day and took a multitude of hits.  The offense of the Jaguars has looked better this season with quarterback Blake Bortles looking to show his talent.  Until next week, K DEN!



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