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This week in sports

By Aaron Oda
Staff Writer

The new year means many things for the world of sports . With the Super Bowl on the horizon, we as spectators already have a lot to look forward to.  



With Super Bowl Sunday two weeks from now, we finally know who is going to be playing in the big game.  Representing the AFC will, once again be the New England Patriots.  The Patriot dynasty has made seven straight AFC conference championship games, a league record.  This conference dominance has made them the team to beat for a long time, and no one up to this point has been able to do it.  With their win on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 24-20, it will be Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s eighth Super Bowl appearance with the franchise having 10 in total, another league record.  If Tom and Bill are able to win the big game it would give them six Super Bowl wins, tying them with the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise whitch has won the most in league history.  

The team they are matched up against is the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles.  This season was extremely successful for the Eagles because of second year quarterback Carson Wentz’s play making ability and poise in the pocket.  But in week 14 of the regular season Wentz went down with a torn ACL making way for journeyman quarterback Nick Foles to now lead the team.  The Eagles were able to take care of business against the Minnesota Vikings with a score of 38-7.  



Going into the week the Portland Trail Blazers find themselves with a record of 25-21, which is good for sixth in the Western Conference with the top eight making the playoffs in April.  The team also finds themselves with a three game winning streak going into the week with wins against the Phoenix Suns, Indiana Pacers and the Dallas Mavericks.  Portland is lead by their guards, Damian Lillard, who is averaging 25.2 points per game as well as 6.6 assists per game, and his partner in crime CJ McCollum, who is averaging 21.6 points per game and 3.2 assists per game.  A player that is playing surprisingly well this season is Shabazz Napier.  Having very little playing time in his previous two years Napier is currently averaging 21 minutes on the floor while contributing 10.1 points and 2.4 assists per game.  



The college basketball scene has been wild so far.  With so many teams moving in and out of the top 25 it has been hard to keep track.  Some of the notable elite teams that are outside of the top 25 looking in are the Kentucky Wildcats, Kansas State and Miami.  On the flip side we have seen some surprise teams in the top 25 like Arizona State ranked 21st, St.Mary’s ranked 16th and Michigan ranked right on the edge at 25th.

Another interesting development that has come from college basketball so far this season has been freshman Trae Young.  His shooting form has been compared to Stephen Curry in range, accuracy and style, with many considering him to be a replication of the two time MVP guard.  Young is averaging 30.5 points per game along with 9.7 assists per game for the 12th ranked Oklahoma Sooners.   Until next week, K DEN.  


“Ho brah have you noticed that expectations are as true as rules?” –Joe Moore



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